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The Soul Care + Self-Care Toolkit 

You're here because you desire to live a holistic, sustainable, and substantial life. To get started, make sure you sign up and receive your Soul Care + Self-Care Toolkit!


I come alongside you to pastor you into a deepening discovery of soul rest + embodying a wholeness approach to your sacred humanity. 

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Take care of yourself. You must.

Take care of yourself like our ancestors were unable to. This idea rings in my ears as I take these steps... Thank you for walking with me, Andrea.

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One of Andrea's great attributes is the way she can really " listen and LINGER” with women and breathe alongside them no matter in what stage of life or condition of heart they find themselves.



I look forward to the Mohawkmomma Soul podcast... Andrea leads with deep conviction, wisdom and knowledge of scripture. Her voice is soothing and draws me into a deeper friendship within myself and as God’s beloved. My life is richer because of her influence.

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A Soul Care Podcast

Mohawkmomma Soul is a meditative podcast, awakening you to notice, nurture, and embody your life—compassionately, curiously, creatively.

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A Pastoral Care Blog

Read + Reflect with Andrea and her guests as you choose rest + deceleration—courageously, consistently.

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