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a holistic, restFULL, sustainable, and substantial life as a joy + justice writing soul and voicing soul.

SOULjourner, you are worthy of a premier + holistic publishing and communications destination. Decolonizing self-care advocacy for writers + oracles is our Jayum! We awaken you to the art + activism (#soultivism) of soul care with sacred strategies to help you act on your divine flourishing. Whether you engage our social media forum, the soul care boutique, or our book publishing services, we empower you to give to yourself as much as you give of yourself. This is embodied shalom-making, personally + communally.

Serving Writers and Oracles An Embodied Platform For Your Wholeness Journey
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Your Humanity.

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What story are you telling yourself, sis? And is it a true story, SOULjourner? We help you get curious about your honest inner work with those two questions  Whether you join our revolutionary embodiment social media forum, decide to take an online course, invest in a publishing package, shop from the soul care boutique, or tune in to a grounding meditation podcast episode, we're here with you every step of the way as you choose a sustainable path on your SOULbriety journey. A journey that requires you to have sober awareness of your divine birthright as you pursue joy + justice from the inside out. 



Taking Notes

Let's put more emphasis on nurturing your writing soul (from inside out) over your writing. The real work is not your writing—it's your freedom! Writing is not your identity, it is one of the expressions of your freedom. who are you apart from writing? Begin with our 10-day Soul Care Narrative series (or let's start a conversation about your publishing dreams). Tend well to yourself and your writing will flourish. Let's nurture + choose revolutionary hospitality—your transformational connection through welcome—home.

Beautiful Skin



When you celebrate being uniquely YOU (in the skin you're in, your body) that's embodiment. We refer to it as "inBODYment" around these parts. We draw upon a divine-earthly connection in our bodies in the Body of Messiah and in the world. I often say, "Embodiment is when heaven and earth converge in these bodies." Whatever opens up your whole self to Love and courageous self-nurture, will help you connect deeply with the truest part of yourself + God + others in profound ways. The beautiful, decolonizing, raw work + deep rest of embodiment is both personal and collective. Solidarity allows us to hold healing space as communal alchemists who choose transformation over mere progress.

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You are welcome here, writing soul!

You're here because you desire to live a holistic, sustainable, and substantial life. To get started, make sure you sign up and receive your Soul Care + Self-Care Toolkit!


I come alongside you to pastor you into a deepening discovery of soul rest + embodying a wholeness approach to your sacred humanity as a writer, whether you’re blogging, book-writing, byline-aspiring, poetry writing, or free-styling in your notebook for fun.   

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A fiction narrative was never meant for your life. Join writers from around the globe in this Free 10-day online course!


You are a writer if you hold yourself accountable for documenting, journaling, educating, and opening up others to their imagination, growth, and healing.

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Take care of yourself. You must.

Take care of yourself like our ancestors were unable to. This idea rings in my ears as I take these steps... Thank you for walking with me, Andrea.

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One of Andrea's great attributes is the way she can really " listen and LINGER” with women and breathe alongside them no matter in what stage of life or condition of heart they find themselves.



I look forward to the Mohawkmomma Soul podcast... Andrea leads with deep conviction, wisdom and knowledge of scripture. Her voice is soothing and draws me into a deeper friendship within myself and as God’s beloved. My life is richer because of her influence.