You're either here because you're curious or you want to be intentional this Advent season (or maybe it's both). For those of you of the Protestant background, you may be asking, "Why Celebrate Advent?" or "Isn't Advent for Catholics?" Start here to begin your exploration of this liturgical tradition and blessing. 


A few years ago, I acknowledged its benefits in my life and my family's life. Your denomination doesn't matter. And if you aren't a believer, I invite you to be curious and patient enough to consider some of the beautiful and hope-filled implications of faith's invocation.


Even if you aren't seeking God... you are seeking significance and purpose.


My purpose here isn't to tell you how to engage in some of its traditions; I learn from Ann Voskamp, and I highly recommend her for ideas; we also use her book, Unwrapping The Greatest Gift for our children. 


My mission of rest is to have us rehearse sacred waiting in solidarity. Waiting is a Spiritual Grace and Discipline, but more than that, it's a divine example. Jesus waited. And He has left His footsteps for us to place our feet into, unreservedly.


We'll use poetry and blessings from Scripture and other sources. So if you're looking to be attentive throughout this coming Advent season (and throughout the year), let's do this sacred waiting together.


The release of all things Advent will begin Sunday, December 3rd through the 24th. We're in between this vulnerable world and our noble home—Heaven.


Also, I invite you to download and journey through the Advent mini-devotional. I created it last year and it's applicable for this year, too. Download it here or click on the Advent image. Feel free to print it out and share it. Listen to the Miseducation of Mom Soul Care podcast episodes, which accompany you through the guide all 4-weeks of Advent: Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love.


Join the Sabbath Rhythms community to subscribe to the Advent blog posts and to receive other rest updates. Thank you and Shalom.


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Come to me, all who are tired from carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest. Jesus, Matthew 11:28




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