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My Journey

(That photo is about 15 minutes or so after my midwife helped me bring forth our eighth child, Liberty Sapphire Palmer on February 7, 2013. Sapphire is now a big sister to the caboose—Emerald "Eme" Atarah Shalom.)


"Oh, but grace... kept incessantly coming after me in every square inch of my life to give me ongoing healing + transformation." 


My soul care studio has been in the making for over twenty years (probably longer)! It was birthed from my experience of limited choices placed on me by many unimaginative, rigid souls caught up in the status quo, and the marginalization often present in ego-driven church leadership.


Mohawkmomma Studio is my disruption to all of it, it's my audacious legacy + testimony. It's my SOULbriety journey out of scarcity-living, busyness, self-sabotage, and restlessness into the shalom (peace + wholeness) of Yeshua/Jesus and the audacity to love and really, really like myself and how I embody being dyslexic and on-the-spectrum—ME.


Of course, I don't engage in what I like to call the SOULbriety journey perfectly, but it is good enough for me to do it wholeheartedlypurposefully, honestly, courageously, creatively and intentionally. Above all, to do it through the strength of softness + compassion as I tend to ME.


Beyond surviving, I am created to thrive. Beyond producing stuff, I am a person. My sacred humanity transcends what I produce. Beyond persona + image management—I am worthy, and I reflect the image of divine Love.


God is Love.


I am fit + qualified to operate this soul care studio because I know what it's like to look at all of my writings and the version of my life after my sixth child was born and wonder how I drifted so far from the shore of God's heart towards me and the vision for me.


I've wrestled, I've doubted, I've been too tired to care, and yet; Love found me over and over again.
We are was always invited to capture soul rest, it's an irrevocable rest that is already ours, but it will require us to remember our be-LOVED-ness in every moment of life, especially in the trenches.


I am beloved. You are beloved. We are beloved—personally and collectively. This is our identity from which all our being + doing flow

My soul care vision & mission is to amplify peace (shalom, wellbeing, wholeness).


I am a shalom sommelier here to awaken + affirm the truth about self-nurture and soul rest found in union and communion with Yeshua/Jesus. I do this when I allow the inflow of the Spirit's embrace and blessings to empower my unique embodiment; and from that inflow—the outflow seeks to remind other womb walkers to notice, nurture, and embody their unique humanity—to love and prioritize self, speak truth, heal, scribble, share and publish creative work-play, all while resting in divine, embodied liberation—personally + collectively.


I know that through my studio I'm bringing home the disenfranchised parts of my uniquely embodied life through God's lovepeacecompassion, grace, and truth. This is about our sacred homecoming to our divine birthright, a peace that surpasses all human comprehension.

Why is there such emphasis on collective embodiment in my vision + message? It is said that injustice is an unbearable state for an embodied person. And we are all connected in our embodiment to the image of God. In our bodies is the ancient wisdom and longing for our collective liberation. Unquestionably, our bodies know and desire justice personally + communally.


We are all part of the same holy tapestry.


SOULjourner, this is why my heart beats so strongly for the peace + rest that is found in soul care, deep soul rest in the core of who we are.


So will you step into this stream of shalom + embodiment with me and learn its rhythms? Yes, YOU.


Let's journey side-by-side in nurturing and honoring our embodied life from the inside out.


This is part of your communion with the Most High, as you carry out the Greatest Commandment to WHOLE-istically love—God, yourself, and others. Ase + Amen.

rest is part of your story...

We vow to spread more love to you (PERIOD).

We will do this by helping you

noticenurture and embody

ongoing soul care with 

Sabbath Rhythms (four facets of the alternation of work "play" + rest).

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