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Soul Care Blessing - Collaboration

This soul care blessing is outfitted

in the overalls of exhortation,

an urging that persuades two

to excavate as one.

This blessing will empower and

excavate the jewels of union,

a sacred collaboration.

Laying down the excavation lines

and center lines on the ground

of the heart before the work begins.

Its treasures will be worth the dig.

This dig will not only excavate the many

layers of shalom and joint ideas, it will

carefully remove the dusty excess of

self-reliance and self-preservation

in order to find many, deeply

buried noble remains.

In the trenches, bless the remains

of holy community, the remains

of solidarity, the remains

of humility, the remains

of we and us.

LORD, bless the soul,

soul, bless the LORD.

All of the discoveries of this heavenly

earthwork will mark boundaries,

survey the ground level and the top level.

This soul care blessing anticipates

the mess of the dig. Layer by layer,

this blessing delights to unearth

heaven's treasure in jars of clay

to reveal that this all-surpassing

power is from God and not from ourselves.

What a holy and honorable collaboration.

(Inspired by 2 Corinthians 4:7 and the fascinating world of excavating)

May this soul care blessing usher you into an all-is-grace week and shape a perspective of abundance in the unfamiliar and familiar places that you'll navigate with Jesus all week long, moment by moment.

Until next time,

Scribble. Speak. From your soul.


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