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It's My Birthday, Every Birth Leads You on A Journey

It's My Birthday

Today, I celebrate turning 45! But what I'm celebrating are all of the threads of grace in my 45 years of life.

I'm going to make a list of 45 grace places for each year of my life. Annually, I sit down on my birthday to reflect and take an inventory of my life (It's part of my Sabbath Rhythms). This kind of reflection is a form of my ongoing soul care, which cultivates within me a heart that savors.

I'd be delighted if you joined me in this sacred reflection as I look at what's being birthed. I'm inviting you into OUR ongoing, soul care journey. And it looks different for each woman. Abba meets us each uniquely according to His nurture for each of us.


You + me = OUR ongoing rest journey. WE are slipping into an irrevocable rest secured by Jesus, and we're helping each other try on the "just-right" size of rest rhythms for OUR lives. Together WE can create a different culture of living from an acute attunement to rest and its enumerable benefits.

But there's one thing... we have to unlearn and relearn the "art" of being human. We are so wired to "be" that even if we've lost ourselves in lots of doing, our being is ready to bounce back into shape, it's resilient that way.

We have to find our life brakes and begin to pump them. I promise you'll still get to where you're going if you slow down (of course, slowing down looks different for each one of us).

Stop Rushing, You'll Get There

Ironically, you'll get there faster if you stop rushing. But I get it, we all want to hurry up and get results, even if the character development isn't a good fit for whatever it is we want when we want it.

I began to be stretched like a rubber band in this area of restlessness many years ago, then, I began to notice a growing desire to impart to women God's love and His beautiful truths, with which He was capturing in my heart.

Answered Prayers

So when He opened the door up for me to pastor and direct the women's discipleship at my local church, Mosaic, in Central Florida, I knew He was answering my prayers and preparing me to face my fears, embrace Love's grace and trust the Holy Spirit's guidance (one of those fears was speaking to groups).

Seasons Change, New Assignments

Yet, I knew when that season of pastoring had come to a close, I was to take a long sabbatical after the birth of our Emerald and wait for my next assignment.

That assignment carries the same mission I had while pastoring and training women. But the invitation has expanded into the reach of launching my Soul Care Studio. Our specialty is in offering nurture and encouragement to women who are leaders in the roles of motherhood, ministry, and the marketplace.

So it's very near to my heart to carry out this grace message of faith, hope, and love to women.

It is the all-encompassing Greatest Commandment and the Great Commission that inspired me to pastor women, and it is the same inspiration igniting me in this new birthplace of Mohawkmomma Studio and the beauty-gazing message, "Rest is part of the program + Soul Care is an art form."

So whether you're tired or energetic, clueless or confident, glad or grieving, determined or doubtful. No matter what, He's here to remind us that Love always invites and commands, "Come to Me... I will give you rest." So our mission and vision are to follow in His footsteps and invite you into the abundance of rest.


Until next time,

Scribble. Speak. From your soul.


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Come to Me... I will give you rest

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