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Flourish In Bravery - Life is Miraculous and Messy, Spring Soul Care Kit Reveal

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The Miraculous & Messy
Motherhood can be bitter and sweet for many reasons. You and I pour out every day. It’s both miraculous and messy. And I'm talking to all women who dare to nurture somebody. In Christ, discipleship is elevated as the ultimate expression of nurturing others. So before you dismiss yourself because you don't have children, you do! You are doing it every time you dare to give of yourself sacrificially. Motherhood begins in the heart and works itself out in many expressions—nobody or nothing can rob that from you. Not miscarriage, not infertility, not a rebellious child, not the loss of a child, NOTHING (period)!
We all know how messy it can get. BUT we cannot underestimate the presence of the miraculous. Jesus' incarnation has already entered into our mess. He doesn't pop in and out on a case-by-case scenario as if to react to every situation.
He has already nestled His miraculous ministry deep into our inmost being, so that we may flourish.
Flourish in Bravery - Soul Care
In order to flourish you must nourish the abundance of His Life—this is the abiding way, which requires an ongoing renewal of the mind. This renewal is a grace from Love's heart. You don't work for it, you yield to it through faith, hope, and love.
I realize that a statement like that is rather abstract There are many series of bold and brave practical steps that you can take to prioritize your flourishing (without the guilt). But before I get to those practical steps, hear me...

Brave Heart - You are seen. You are loved. You are not alone. Love is Brave and where Love stretches you beyond your comfort zone is where He will cause you to deeply flourish.

Those brave steps will be unique for each woman. Those brave steps are steps towards soul care, which begins with an attitude or disposition that influences your actions.

Soul Care - God's Nurture To And Through You, In Partnership With You

Soul Care is another kind of holy activism, it opens us up to notice the miraculous, while in the mess of loving and serving others. Serving isn't merely outward, it's upward and inward, as well.

Consider the Greatest Commandment—love = God (upward) + yourself (inward) + others (outward). To love your neighbor AS you love yourself, follows you loving you. Self-love isn't a work of narcissism, it's a work of the Spirit of Truth.

Your humanity matters, too. Self-activism leads you to a more sustainable, responsible, grace way of activism for others, which allows you to pour into others with more honesty and authenticity.

A Practical Step To Engage Soul Care - Suggestions & Links

Inevitably, we get hurt when we love and serve, and we must go through healing and recovery. So I started to think, “If it's a good idea to have a First Aid Kit for your physical needs, it would be a great idea to have a Soul Care Kit for your spiritual needs (and self-care, too).”

The vision I have for the Mohawkmomma Soul Care Kit™ is about the intersection of our ongoing SOULbriety pilgrimage with making a social difference. It was essential for me to combine soul care (self-activism) with public love (social activism).

Practical step


Number one: order a kit for yourself, or give as a gift to someone (we offer subscriptions or one-time purchases beginning at $49.95). We even have special group pricing for five or more soul sistahs.

All first-time kit recipients receive a beautiful novelty suitcase (this spring they come in purple and pink). Return subscribers will be delightfully surprised with their spring container (hint, hint... it's made of wood). Below, refer to the list of the items in the spring kit.

Four times a year, we lavish you with seasonal gifts to help you internalize activism from within and without. It's much more than a membership to pamper yourself, we collaborate with many social good and fair trade organizations, to elevate the marginalized and the forgotten ones.

At the end of each quarter, we donate 10% of the profits.

Practical step


Number two: read more about Sabbath Rhythms. I've written several blog posts about rest rhythms, and I include more practical suggestions.

Practical step


Number three: tune in to my soul care podcasts.

Our Spring Kit

Meet everyone who joined us to make the Spring Kit come together. Shipping begins in mid-March. We refer to all of our collaborators as "friendors".

Get my kit! (Currently, we ship only in the U.S. We do not ship to Canada, Alaska, or Hawaii)

{Tap the above image to discover more about the soul care kits.}

Until next time,

Scribble. Speak. From your soul.

Links for further discovery Subscribe & Listen to my Soul Care Podcasts

Our Kit Friendors

Shop with Soul - we empower and advocate for the marginalized in the US and globally.

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In order to flourish, you must nourish!

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