How To Storyboard Your Soul Care - An 8-Part Process

Be Still And Storyboard Your Soul Care

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Be Still And StoryBoard Your Soul Care

Be still and storyboard your soul care. Get visual with your soul care! I want to invite you to combine visual storytelling with your soul care to help you open up colorful spaces of direction and clarity in your life.

I have an eight-part process for using the storyboard concept in my personal soul care (and for just about anything else I'm creating and honoring in my life). I've taken and adapted the following storyboard framework from the experts at StoryBrand.

I've even taught my high school children how to integrate this approach in their lives. This is very feasible to do even if you can't draw a stick figure (confession time: I only draw stick figures, I'm a doodler at heart). Here's the proof.

Mohawkmomma's Soul Care Storyboard

I want to caution you... I wouldn't recommend doing this storyboard in a day, rather, I give myself about 5-7 days to storyboard my longings and visions. In the first two days, it's like a sprint. But thereafter, I set a steady pace and focus on one section at a time.

I've been known to use sticky notes or any sheet of paper that I can fold to create eight sections. But I've created a printable soul care storyboard SOULutions worksheet for you.

Storyboard Your Soul Care

(To download the printable SOULution worksheet, click on the above image.)

Three things to consider when you are designing your soul care (or your vision for anything else).


You want to start designing on paper for a number of reasons:

It's tactile and the brain loves it!

It's faster to sort through than keeping it in your head.

You need a visual of your vision, even if it evolves.


The mind map is going to be your “cheat sheet”.

If you’re not familiar with mind mapping already, it's a form of brainstorming. I describe it as writing down everything in your head with no specific formatting. Whether you write words or not, whether you draw pictures or not–you basically can’t do it wrong.


There's no rush. It's about showing up and honoring the process of transformation.

I do mention a few things about prayer patterns in the worksheet. Potter's Inn provides a lovely resource page to help you dig deeper.

Shalom, siStar!

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