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Lent Orients And Organizes Us

Many people are preparing to orient and organize their lives around the Lenten season—a season of prayer and fasting—many will prepare to celebrate the meaningfulness and refuge of the Resurrection.

But it is my belief that Lent orients and organizes us. How does the resurrection bring new contours to your personal and communal life?

I use to treat the resurrection as a beautiful concept. But now I can see it more clearly, more potently...

The Resurrection is a daily win over all lifeless areas.

Wherever there is bereft of life... there's The Resurrection. The very presence of Life Himself accompanies us and assures us that nothing is too small or too massive to be greatly affected by His Life. NOTHING.

What is the Beloved asking you to orient and organize around His Resurrection Life this season and beyond?

Is He talking to you about a mindset? An attitude? A dream? A project? Your grief? Your healing? A new relational boundary? Maybe He's talking to you about image management (His over yours).

This can be that season where an internal convergence emerges out of your willingness to remember that The Resurrection is in deep communion within you, rather than just an event that happened two millennia ago.

Where is He asking you to orient and organize your belief IN His Resurrection and not merely ABOUT it?

Believing IN the Resurrection is about His truth in you.

Believing ABOUT the Resurrection is merely having the facts.

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to help you affirm and remember The Resurrection Life within you. *Wallpapers tested on the iPhone 7.)

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