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New Podcast - Mohawkmomma Soul, Same Soul Care Message

New Podcast Season 1 Mohawkmomma Soul

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Soul 8 | Recover From Chasing is the title of the eighth episode of season one on the podcast, Mohawkmomma Soul. Why launch it with episode eight and not episode one? I have a good reason for that...

There are seven colors of the rainbow and seven musical notes. When something has seven parts, it symbolizes that it has reached its state of completion (perfection): the seven notes of the diatonic scale make one complete octave, etc.

Eight, on the other hand, is symbolic of new beginnings, meaning a new order or creation. There's much more interesting symbolism for the number eight. If that interests you, the link is provided at the end of your reading to reduce distraction.

Now that you know the reason behind my introduction episode, please join me as we explore what rest and "pause pockets" look like after a week of chasing.

Where Can You Listen?

You can listen here via my blog or you can subscribe to Mohawkmomma Soul wherever you listen to your podcasts. I'd also like to introduce some of you to It's where both my podcasts are now hosted (Miseducation of Mom is my very first podcast ).

You can download the Anchor app on your phone, which allows you to call-in and engage with me with your questions or comments. Or if you prefer, you can listen without the app on your desktop.

What You Can Expect?

First and foremost, together let's expect increased awareness of the presence and purpose of Love, Jesus. We'll do this through the lens of soul care and self-care insights. Our spiritual formation and direction will engage us in the grace resources of prayers, poetry and ponderings. Sometimes, I'll include excerpt audio transcripts.

Thank you immensely for joining me in your prayers and your participation on this journey of faith, hope and love.


Exciting News!

I've been invited to be a breakout speaker for the Creative Brand Summit. It kicks off this Monday, August, 21st! Signup, it's a FREE online summit for those who are engaging others in their personal and/or professional brands. Get all the details here. Or click on the image.

I'm scheduled to speak Thursday, 24th at 4pm (PST), 7pm (EST).

Breakout Speaker Creative Brand Summit 2017

Until next time,

Scribble. Speak. From your soul.


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