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Soulful Ways to Use a Bullet-Dotted Notebook - Plan, track, list, draw, be creative and more!

SOULjouner, never let it be said that a notebook is a notebook is a notebook. There's a myriad ways to use one: you can choose between dotted, lined + plain paper journals with our Mohawkmomma notebooks, our pages are suited for whatevah you have in mind.

Around here, we believe journaling helps you get closer to yourself + God on the pages of a journal.

It's my pleasure to shepherd you through our velvety, soft-cover, dotted notebooks. It's the right choice for keeping your handwriting neat (or wild) to create a customized planner – as it's easier to draw straight lines and create separations in the pages as you please. And it gives you more freedom than a lined notebook because the dots are not as obtrusive, so you can be more creative.

Below are just a few ideas to get you started, but the dotted notebook can rock your world!

Create an index

It all starts here. Many people love using a dotted notebook because it's a great way to create a bespoke system of tasks, plans + events. So if you number your pages (don't worry, you don't have to do them all at once!) then you can use your first double page spread as an index to quickly and easily see what months, To Do lists, different plans, notes, etc. you have on different pages.


A dotted notebook is a great way to keep track of plans by drawing calendars that work for you. Whether that's daily, weekly, monthly, or all three, it's up to you. Thanks to the dots, it's easy to draw neat lines and separate the page where you want, so you can create the size + format of planner you need. And the best thing is that you can embellish it in your own unique style with illustrated headings, borders + more!

Manage your To-Do lists

Whether you use your own unique system of showing what tasks need doing and have been done, or go for the classic check box, (and who doesn't love the satisfaction that comes from that). The dotted notebook is a great companion to help you keep track of those important things that matter most to you.

Keep your books, box sets and podcasts lists

You know when you're recommended a new show to watch or novel to read, you think "that sounds good" and make a mental note but then when it comes to wanting to remember the name – you got nuttin’. With a dotted notebook, you can create your own section for such lists, list it in the index so it's easy to find, and then check off the ones you've watched/read/listened to + add your thoughts, even your own review system. Then at the end of the year you can have a look to see which films you awarded the most stars/popcorn boxes/review system of your choice.

Track expenses

If you want to know how much you're spending + on what each month, you can create a budget tracker under expense headings that you decide on. It could be as detailed as noting down each and every thing you bought + how much for, and totalling at the end, or you could draw bars for each expense group and color in or highlight as you go, to see a more visual representation of where your hard-earned cash is going.

Be soulful + creative!

The best thing about a dotted notebook is that you can really let your soul soar wild or on the tamed, neat side (whatever floats your boat).

Let your imagination fly with just a small dotted helping hand to guide your scribblings, doodles, plannings, paintings or whatevah else you decide to do with it. SOULjourner, the possibilities are endless!

Tap or click here or the image below to download your free dotted journal practice page on my Patreon!

Until next time,

Scribble. Speak. From your soul.


See our complete collection of bullet/dotted notebooks (as well as our lined + plain paper ones) in the soul care boutique + be inspired to pause with some soulful + restful sashayin’!



In order to flourish, you must nourish!

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