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Experience the alchemy of quill faux feathers + soulful care, embodied in these exquisite ballpoint pens, each stroke a testament to their glorious essence.



Nourish the scribbler + speaker within as you embody the ARTvocacy of writing with soul.


Cultivate tenderness + softness as you embark on a journey of journaling and speaking words of love, healing, and celebration.


Whether crafting a love note with the pink, purple, or mint pen, sending well wishes, or penning down thoughts in a journal entry, poem, or affirmation—let the inked elegance of these pens guide your rhythmic flow, unhurriedly.



Affirm with each stroke: "I am creating a shalom-making impact, gracefully weaving words of love and care with pen in hand. Asé + Amen."


1-Count Faux Feather Quill Ballpoint Pens

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