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Let the lined pages in this notepad journal extend more than an invitation; they offer a sanctuary to intimately encounter the landscape of your life alongside your feminine rhythms, whether you are perimenopausal or post-menopausal.


Consider it a voyage to the roots, an exploration where you cultivate + nurture your perennial peace.


Embark on a soulful journey of self-care, where tending to your roots becomes a sacred act of gratitude and love.


Picture your root systems, hidden in the depths, in dark places—an intricate network that sustains the essence of your being. When nurtured well, these roots become the lifeblood, and the whole organism thrives. Yet, when deprived, decay begins at the roots—a reminder that true flourishing starts beneath the surface.


Bundle + Save—Build Your Tending Gift Set Collection!


In this realm of roots + resilience, elevate your experience by bundling a gift set.



Scribble on each page as a gentle reminder to tend to your inner garden with love + intention—unhurriedly, rhythmically.



Imagine the roots of your soul, drinking deeply to nourish every part of your being.


Affirm: "I am intuitively + intentionally nourishing my roots; therein, my whole being is nourished. Asé + Amen."


Envision this affirmation as a gentle stream of love flowing to the deepest corners of your soul, fostering a connection with the rich soil of soul care.


Let this affirmation resonate in the cadence of your heart as you embrace the journey of tending to your roots with profound intentionality + care.

6x9 30-Day Tending: I Can and I Will Tend To My Roots Bingo-Prompt Journal

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