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Elevate your gift-giving vibes with the Color + Journal™ gift tag stickers. Stickers have a way of bringing out childlike wonder in us, if we let it.


Transform your gifts into works of art with a 5-set of luxe gift tag stickers from the Melanated Musing Mix n' Match Design Collection.


Make memories that stick for birthday party gifts or any occasion, these stickers are designed to complement the beauty of your presents.


Delight in touching the crack + peel design, ensuring effortless application. Sized at 3x3, they make a statement without overpowering your gift.


Apply them with ease onto gift wrap, gift boxes, or gift bags to add a touch of sophistication and soulful style.


Amp up your gifting experience by bundling the stickers with the matching Melanated Musing Card Gift Set for a complete + cohesive presentation.


Dare to let these stickers serve as a reminder: "Imma stick with my peace."

Let your thoughtful touches and soulful affirmations add a personal touch to each gift, creating a unique and memorable experience for both the giver and the recipient.



Choose to relax and color the image, or share the creative joy by sending them to a friend, inviting them to color + chill.


As you prepare your gifts, put on some soothing sounds, savor a sip of your favorite beverage, and send out positive vibes with every sticker.



Gift-giving is a deep well from which some of our strongest creative energies flow.


Affirm: "I am invited to give + receive when I scribble a love letter. Asé + Amen."

5-Set Color + Journal™ Gift Tag Stickers | Gift-giving | Wholesale

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