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Let's Collaborate, beautiful soul. I'll provide the candle, plus the chalk marker, and you give it name.


What affirming word will you bring forth full of life with the stunning 'Words of Affirmation' candle?




  • Candle, 8 oz. (Sunwashed, Sage + Cypress, Fragrance-free, Spiced Oat Milk)
  • Add Wick Trimmer and/or
  • Add a second Words of Affirmation candle + save $5


Transport yourself to tranquility.


Sunwashed - Bask in the tranquil of our Sunwashed fragrance—a serene fusion of sunny days sublimely bottled.


This exquisite fragrance begins with a vibrant burst of Petitgrain, Orange, and Grapefruit, evoking the invigorating rays of the morning sun. As the day unfolds, the luscious heart notes of Cotton Blossom and Coconut come into play, tenderly wrapping you in a cocoon of softness + warmth.


Closing with the tender embrace of Musk, Wood, and Powder, it lingers in the air like your favorite, comforting daydream. Designed to transport you to your happy place. Our Sunwashed fragrance is an invitation to embrace the simple beauty of life.

Top: Petitgrain, Orange, Grapefruit
Middle: Cotton Blossom, Coconut
Base: Musk, Wood, Powder



Sage + Cypress - Embark on a sensory journey with Sage + Cypress, where the fragrance leads us into the great outdoors.


Delicate wisps of Bergamot and Spruce dance on the breeze, signaling the start of an adventure. As the trail leads deeper, the heart of aromatic Sage and robust Cypress anchors you in a woodland haven.


Rich Palo Santo and sultry Patchouli add an alluring depth, mingling with a hint of intrigue from Dark Musk and Smoke. This blend is not just a fragrance; it's an odyssey that beckons you to explore the shadowed woods of your imagination. Light the way and let your spirit roam free.

Top: Bergamot, Spruce
Middle: Cypress, Sage
Base: Palo Santo, Patchouli, Dark Musk, Smoke



Spiced Oat Milk  -  Envelop yourself in the comforting scent of Spiced Oat Milk. Top notes of captivating cinnamon and zesty lemon peel dance a lively waltz, while at the heart, the cozy blend of oats, brown sugar, and molasses whispers stories of hearth and home. 
Bring it all together with creamy milk, sultry musk, and delectable praline – a symphony of tranquility and indulgence that will linger on and invite you to get lost in the moment. Welcome the day, or let it come to a serene close, with the nourishment of Spiced Oat Milk – your olfactory escape to comfort and contentment.

Top: Cinnamon, Lemon Peel
Middle: Oat, Brown Sugar, Molasses
Base: Milk, Musk, Praline




Imagine your 3.37x 3.87-inch, hand-poured 8oz., coconut soy wax candle with the wooden wick creating a soft crackling sound, reminiscent of a real fireplace burn, summoning you to create a warm + inviting atmosphere in your home, office, or any travel destination.


Grab this healing companion to light the way for your next arometherapy moment. 


Phthalate-Free — Cruelty-Free —- Vegan



Aromatherapy can greatly influence our emotions, moods, and behaviors, and by creating aromatherapy experiences to our everyday activities, we amplify peace through the power of a pause.



Tips to Help You Burn Your Candle Effectively

Make your candle last longer and burn beautifully with a wick trimmer – an essential for any candle enthusiast.


Unlike regular scissors, a trimmer has an extended base that safely catches debris while trimming the wick. 


To ensure candle burns properly, trim wooden wick to 1/8" before each new burn and allow candle to reach a full melt pool. 


For optimal results, be sure to wait for the candle to reach room temperature before trimming.


Full melt pool means wax has melted to all edges and melt pool is 1/4” deep. Do not burn longer than 4 hrs at a time.


Extinguish with care, do not use water.


Avoid drafts open windows, air conditioners, and heat vents should be kept far from the candle to avoid dancing flames.


A straight flame distributes heat equally which leads to a clean and even burn; it eliminates excessive smoking, tunneling, and wasted wax around the inside edge of the candle; it enhances the fragrance throw and it extends the lifespan of your candle because it burns slower.


This should go without saying…
Never leave wick trimmings or matches in the melt pool. Burn on heat resistant surface, do not leave unattended.


Do not pick up or handle candle while burning. Once the candle has less than 1/4" wax left place on a candle warmer.


Affirm: "Freedom."

Words of Affirmation Candle | Non-Toxic | Hand Poured 8 oz.)

PriceFrom $36.50
Excluding Sales Tax |