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four assumptions about rest



Briefly, consider these four assumptions people make about rest.


  1. Rest is being alone and not participating in community-related events. (church, work, school, etc.)

  2. Rest is being on a vacation.

  3. Rest is taking a nap or lying down.

  4. Rest means being unproductive and doing absolutely nothing.


Truly, some of these assumptions can classify as rest, but rest is so much more than lying down or getting off your aching feet, it can include physical rest, but it's not merely about the physical and temporal realities...


Rest is not inactivity


Rest is a noble art form and redirection of activity.


Let's look more closely at a different perspective, an eternal point of reference that helps you discover and integrate the routine of rest in your life... take baby steps, this doesn't happen overnight. This is about character development, it's about abiding in Love.


Rest affects how you work


Rest is blessed!


Yeshua/Jesus is offering true soul rest. True soul rest is found in being, not achieving. It’s found in abiding in Him. The Greek meaning of rest here is "anapausinquiet, recreation, refreshment, intermission; by implication, recreation—rest. 


Now, if you're wondering what I mean by Sabbathing Rhythms, I'm talking about the routine of rest integrated within your calendar.


Sabbathing Rhythms can allow you to experience a transformational process within your calendar. As your Soul Care Pastor, I am pleased to be your Sabbathing Rhythms Welcome Committee.

The Sabbathing Rhythms are...


Daily Diversions
Weekly Withdrawals
Monthly Moments
Annual Abandonments


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