eBook Download || Healing and Held - A Coloring Bible Devotional Journal by Andrea "Mohawkmomma" Palmer

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Witness God's steadfast love through the gifts of blessings and lamenting.

Subscribe and Tune in to the 22-Day Healing + Held Bible study on the Mohawkmomma Soul Podcast. We kickoff on Juneteenth, Friday, July 19th, 2020.

You'll treasure Healing & Held a 22-week Bible devotional with a deep dig into an in-depth study of the well-known and multifaceted blessing in Numbers 6:24-26 (popularly referred to as the Priestly Blessing or the Aaronic Blessing or Benediction). It also explores the lamenting passages in Habakkuk chapter one.

Feel free to print as you work through the Bible study. This book is designed to help you creatively connect with God's steadfast love as you meditate, pray, imagine, color and journal.

So grab your colored pencils and gel pens. Get still and experience God's grace and reframe how you see your joyful and jarring places—He is your forever and unceasing joy no matter what no matter where.

Great for groups or personal use.


- Your purchase helps our partners, Finding The Lost Sheep Street Ministry for their work in Orlando, FL. Thank you for elevating marginalized communities.

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