Being & Doing - It's a Dance of Life (like the Tango)


My Being and My Doing Dance


How do you harmoniously marry your being and your doing (your becoming)? Maybe we can address it with a dance, the Tango.


I have never danced the Tango, but I've watched this vibrant and playful dance happen between two people on television. It has the expression of connection, complexity, and fascination, so does the link between "being and doing."


As I've discovered, at the heart of the Tango is the desire to listen, to understand, and to converse with your dance partner, through this intriguing language of dance. "Doing" follows the lead of "being."


The art and the invitation is to let both my being and my doing dance with Love. Thankfully, He has factored in all things, especially feet that must learn the unforced rhythms of grace.

Rest first, and breathe in the quiet of listening.


In one word or phrase what do you hear Love Himself saying to you? 


If you hear silence what emotions or thoughts have been evoked from this worship episode?


Thank you for engaging in this unburdening exercise with me.



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