Blessing A Yeast Bit of Grace



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Because a yeast bit of grace is needed

to produce in us the

bare naked possibilities

of incarnate love

on an unstoppable mission.

It is enough for us to be

fed by the Bread of Life.
He boasts
to never let us
hunger again.

True Sustenance

leads to wisdom and willingness.

It makes us receptive to what is,

no matter what it is.

Because a yeast bit of grace with

Living Water

has an unmistakable way of

activating and proofing

in us what really is.

Behold a new sustenance from

The Sustenance.

A yeast bit of grace
grows us
doubles us
presses into us.

Daring to reshape all experiences
experiences dissolve
into our thoughts and feelings,
thoughts and feelings expand

into our interpretations,

our interpretations shape our commentaries.

But with just a yeast bit of grace.
The experience,
The experiencer,
The commentator,
The interpreter,
and yes,
The controller

All can receive and be embraced,

accepted, and empowered

to eat and to serve
to receive and to give at the banquet table
every place
every stage
every breath
where True Bread

forever satisfies. 


This blessing was inspired by a chapter in the book, "The Wisdom of Wilderness," by Gerald May. I'm so thankful that my precious friend, Priscilla, shared an excerpt of it with me.


This blessing is here to persuade you to bless and boast in your little. 

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