Open The Advent Door - Hope: Bless The Wait In


As we've opened the Advent door, we've opened the door to waiting. But a waiting that's immersed in things that make the wait worthwhile. So let's be hospitable and bless our waiting in...




Wait in the Worthy One, O my soul, wait.

Wait in a hallelujah hope.


Wait in serving.

Wait in being.

Wait in silence.

Wait in speaking.

Wait in your blessing others.

Wait in His blessings to you.

Wait in the darkness of sorrow and lament.

Wait in the light of hope, peace, joy and love.

Wait in solitude.

Wait in one another's lament.

Wait in the LORD.

Wait in work and in rest.

Wait in unpleasant places


Wait in beautiful places.


Wait in unlikely places.

Wait in Grace and in Truth as they carry you to the One who waited to become like you.

Honor and bless the wait in your life. Its fruit will ripen and satisfy you with heaven's sweetness. 


I'm so glad you decided to pause, bless and breathe. Allow this pause to fuel your being and your doing. 

Respond :: What are you waiting in?

Listen :: With Hope in view



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