Poetry - Surely, I Haven't Seen All There Is To See


Surely, I Haven't Seen All There Is To See 


There are days that I don't see the curves of my generosity, as plainly as I see the curves that I wear.


There are moments that I don't see my bulging sense of humor, as plainly as I see bulges elsewhere.


There are many days that I don't think to rejoice over my unkempt passion for Jesus, because my unkempt hair gets in the way.


And what about those times I don't see how slimming my Jesus submission is, because I'd rather throw my weight around.


There are days that I don't plainly see my Divine "likes," my Heavenly "hashtags," or how my image is "instantly" treasured by Him, because it's easier to feel significant in the 

courtyards of a public and social platform, rather than the Most Holy place of the private and sacred.


Surely, I haven't seen all there is to see of myself, because when I was created the Artist of all artists sculpted my exterior, but He got real close and breathed into me His own Life, my interior.


I'm visible, yet invisible.

Surely, I haven't seen all there is to see of His beauty for me.


Not only does Grace and Truth dare me to acknowledge my outer and fragile femininity, they escort me to behold my inner and fierce humanity.


Jesus, surely, I'm enough in You and You are more than enough in me, through me, and for me. 


Surely, I haven't seen all there is to see.


Andrea L. Palmer © 2014



An Unburdening Response To Love


Rest first, and breathe in the quiet of listening. 


In one word or phrase what do you hear Love Himself saying to you? 


If you hear silence what emotions or thoughts have been evoked from this worship episode? 


Thank you for engaging in this unburdening exercise with me.



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