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You have three things to optimize, in my opinion:

1) noticing 2) nurturing 3) emBODYing 


Let's journal + heal through shalom-making, sabbathing rhythms, unhurriedly.

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"Either you bring me some chocolate or you leave me alone." - Unknown

It has been said, "I'm not addicted to chocolate, chocolate is addicted to me." I can testify to this—dark chocolate is drawn to me, and I'm sticking by that narrative.  


So who am I? ​I am the beloved daughter of the Most High, a wombman now that the little girl, Angie, embodied: curious + creative + courageous. Mohawkmomma Studio is dedicated to my/our shalom (wholeness/peace) in the Beloved—Yeshua/Jesus.


It delights me to align my sacred, God-given energy with my rhythmic humanity as I co-witness with you your rhythmic humanity. I harness that energy primarily through journaling, it invites us to get closer to ourselves + God + others on the pages of a journal or the pages of the heart not written by ink, but by the Spirit of the living God.

I also carry this sacred energy + imagination into motherhood with all of its twists + turns.


The empathic + maverick + wordsmith in me has always been allergic to small talk.


I'm a deep-thinking human fueled by aphorisms, awakened to the responsibility of coming home to being a child-like co-creator, energy emcee, parishioner of peace, congregant of chocolate (AMEN for dark chocolate!), mindful momma, meditative muse, embodiment educator, daydreaming doula, rest recipient + researcher, abundance ambassador, intimacy impresario, advocate aficionado, beacon of belonging + belovedness, curious connoisseur, divine disruptor, pleasure preacher, sabbathing shepherd, soul care sommelier, and out-of-the-box oracle of God.


I seek + organize + discipline my life around the bliss and ecstasy of cyclical, rhythmic soul care. Therefore, I am well suited to awaken others on the SOULbriety path of a life-long welcome of noticing, nurturing, and embodying shalom-making in Sabbathing Rhythms.


It's powered by the Most High in the flow of the Holy Spirit (Ruach), Jesus'/Yeshua's liberating shepherding, my jubilant imagination, and ethically sourced and made dark chocolate (insert praise hands).

Wondering about the name Mohawkmomma? My paternal grandfather, Christopher Coleman "Little Chick", is part Native American + African descent. I'm still excavating the ancestral tribal search. Also, my nickname emerged from choosing to transition from wearing locs to wearing a mohawk in my late  30s. As a result, a new narrative came about from my children who would often tell their friends, "My mom wears a Mohawk." 

As a pastor + poet, I'm a conduit from which Love speaks—God speaks. I don't merely share + shepherd others into God's Love, I am a smitten recipient of God's Love. I'm a prophetic child of God from which freedom stories flow. I invite other shalom-making scribblers + speakers to rest in adult curiosity that awakens us to child-like embodied and emboldened joy, personally + collectively.


We scribble + speak forth in different ways, mainly through living + flowing in the Spiritof Truth. Whatever form of expression bubbles forth, we will expand from the inside out as we trust the Beloved, let go + come home to Love (God) + the truest parts of ourselves.

Will you join me in this lifelong adult-infused, child-like expansion + nourishment?

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Andrea Angie in orange

Grab My Bio: 


The short version - Andrea (or Angie) is 'Mohawkmomma' Palmer. First and foremost—resting. She is living art—welcoming her shalom movements, prophetic insight, creative observations + bliss wherever it can be encountered through her divinely-infused humanity. She prefers to savor over scroll, as she awakens + welcomes others into audacious shalom-making through Sabbathing Rhythms (the alternation of rest + work-play). 


Her mission: To awaken + assist scribblers + speakers in finding their “place in peace” (Exodus 18:23). 

The long version: Andrea Lafawn Coleman Palmer was born down South in Little Rock, Arkansas. She is the unofficial family historian who traces her roots to both her African + Native American ancestry. She emerged as the firstborn of seven from a family of entrepreneurs, herbalists, gardeners, prophets, preachers, poets, and psalmists. She aligns her living, scribbling + speaking with liberating rest rhythms, personally + collectively.


As an empathic + maverick + wordsmith she's allergic to small talk.

She's a momma of eight on the earth and one in heaven (she also has bonus children), scribbler of poems, alliterations, prayers, and prose, wife of Keith, indie podcaster + publisher who creates and curates prophetic + pastoral soul care stationery, and meditative liturgy.


As a former women's pastor/director/retreat planner + speaker, she creates soul care spaces to welcome + awaken others to give TO themselves as much as they give OF themselves— wholeheartedly, courageously, creatively (without guilt).

Her bliss moments are:


feeling the vibration of her thoughts + voice


seeking God's goodness in seeing nature's intelligence within her body and without


writing alliterations and making up acronyms

reading and listening to audiobooks


listening without second-guessing herself

dangling her feet on a swing


all things chocolate: dark chocolate, hot chocolate, chocolate without sugar alcohols/lecithins/emulsifiers (basically, chocolate without all the crap!)


smiling at herself

coloring + doodling


sticky notes

nature, prayer walks


wearing funky earrings + glasses


burning candles/incense/diffusing essential oils


making smoothies


moon bathing


taking ceremonial, herbal baths




making + sipping herbal teas


personal + communal lament


taking naps


nerding out on the Scriptures and neuro research (all research, especially ancestral)


writing thank you notes (old school style)

watching documentaries and behind the scenes


vibin' on jazz and the musical stylings of Aretha Franklin, Rachelle Ferrell, Alice and John Coltrane, Dorothy Ashby, Jon Batiste, Anita Baker, India Arie, Nina Simone, Jill Scott, Fatai, Chantae Cann, Toni Jones, Jonathan McReynolds, Ruby Amanfu, Peter Collins, L'indécis, Lanell Grant and Lauryn Hill (to name a few).

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I'm the Creative Design Officer here at MMS. My name is Avelore, and I’m always wearing a pencil and a few flowers in my hair, and I’m never without a sketchbook. I find inspiration in nature, shapes, and colors, so I’m always designing.

Here, I wear a lot of hats.


I graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with an Associate’s degree in Fashion Design in 2018, so I bring my skills in concept and product design; color forecasting; photography; and graphics/illustration designing to the table.

And with Mohawmomma being my actual mom, that table is usually in our dining room!


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