What do I do if something is missing or damaged in my kit?

Of course these issues happen, and we will make sure to get it all worked out for you. 

Can I buy a one-time gift for someone?

Absolutely! The Soul Care Kit is a unique gift for the socially conscious woman in your life. If there's a special occasion, leave a comment at checkout.  We'll send them a gift tag from you. 



You Frequently


Do you offer publishing services for other indie authors?

Yes! We publish ONLY for the students who complete the Book Publishing Online Course. You keep 100% of your book royalties, 100% of the book files we produce for you, 100% of the copyright to your book. It's all yours! Discover more about the course!

Do you teach a step-by-step process for indie publishing?

Absolutely! I share 20 steps that I take you on after the completion of your book publishing course, or I cheer you on as you take the DIY approach.

Do you permit reselling?

Yes, only when we enter into a collaborative agreement. Let's begin the process.

Do you provide mentoring/consulting?

Yes. Although we offer 1:1 support automatically for students enrolled in the paid online courses. We also offer quarterly 1:1 mentoring for non-students. 

We offer group meditative, embodiment, entrepreneurial retreats - Flourish on an entrepreneurial path as a writer or oracle that allows you to breathe, to be in creative flow in sync with your innate, feminine ways of being. 

(virtually for now)
We offer many self-paced, self-led eCourses.

(automatic mentoring included in paid courses ONLY)

Do you offer volume pricing for your books?

We sure do! It's our way of saying thank you when you help us spread our embodied message of faith, hope, and love. Let's chat!