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What do I do if something is missing or damaged in my kit?

Of course these issues happen, and we will make sure to get it all worked out for you. 

Can I buy a one-time gift for someone?

Absolutely! The Soul Care Kit is a unique gift for the socially conscious woman in your life. If there's a special occasion, leave a comment at checkout.  We'll send them a gift tag from you. 



You Frequently


What makes Mohawkmomma Studio different?

We're a holistic, all-in-one solution to soul care. Our stunning stationery + journals amplifies the peace of botanicals + Black women and girls.


Our content is backed by positive psychology and the somatic, sacred wisdom of the feminine body, which makes for the phenomenal blend of sacred reflection, reclamation, and revolutionary rest in our healing actions.


We also give you access to a members-only community forum for peer-to-peer support.

How do I know if Mohawkmomma Studio is right for me?

We believe Mohawkmomma Studio is for women who desire to amplify peace, unlock play + creativity, and practice softer, compassionate approaches to navigate through life changes.


The best part about Mohawkmomma Studio is that we meet you where you are and provide you the tools to take you where you want to go, unhurriedly.

What is SOS?

SOS (Space of Shalom) is our exclusive members, global network available on our App.


It's an uplifting, supportive community that inspires shalom, rest, creativity, courage, connection, and compassion to tend to you (guilt-free).


Members receive SOS luxe Soul Care Kits four times a year, receive access to the members-only Forum and the exclusive journaling workshop retreats offered monthly + quarterly. We promise you will want in!

Why It Works?

Our proven, holistic approach to soul care makes amplifying the path of peace, a personal + collective experience of a homecoming. All you have to do is align + flow with your sacred humanity, unhurriedly!


Guided Journaling

Reduce anxiety, boost moods and IQ, and heal trauma.



Our meditative-journaling podcast helps you find your place of peace + rest, one daily ritual at a time.


Journal Retreats

Connect with your peers from the comfort of your home and learn more ways to make your journaling practice work for you.


Bingo + Affirmations

Enjoy reminders + invitations to integrate soul care into your everyday life.


Your Feminine Flow

Notice + Nurture + Embody peace patterns with your circadian + infradian rhythms as you adopt softer rituals for your hormones, moods and habits to see what’s working and where you want alchemize.

Can I choose the items I want?

MMS will select surprise picks for each season. At times, subscribers will choose a flavor, size, style of a pre-selected item. This means all active subscribers will receive an automatic email to make their selection. Also, we do unveil some featured picks to those on our email list + on our soul care forum.

What do I get with the subscription?

The SOS Quarterly Kit from MMS inspires your personal + collective peace (shalom, wholeness, wellbeing-wealth) as we assist you with sustainable practices + processes of tending to you nourishment from inside out.

Each quarterly kit contains thoughtfully created + curated, eco-conscious goodies designed to help you join together stunning soul care + stationery. 

You'll be the first to experience + save big on select or exclusive stunning releases from MMS. Plus, you'll enjoy some bonus digital content available periodically.

MMS currently offers complimentary shipping within the contiguous USA only, not including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and other U.S territories.