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say hello to your soul care in a box!


Say goodbye to too busy to nurture your life. This amazing ritual kit will engage all of your senses!


Our kits help to elevate and support marginalized women and girls. You can expect full-size, premium lifestyle products from those who empower.

Celebrate spring (and every season) with the Soul Care Ritual Kit
(all kits are customized)

It's the ultimate soul care ritual gift box! Our kits are custom-made to order, they emphasize Black-women artisans + feature artisans of various cultures.

THE PURPOSE -  to awaken and guide scribblers + speakers to notice, nurture, and embody a decolonizing, cyclical ritual of self-nurture, intentionally + intuitively with the Sabbathing Rhythms framework:

- Courageously tend to you.

- Compassionately receive from abundance in this box + beyond.

- Curiously + Creatively elevate your jubilation. 

With the purchase of very kit, we donate to Beauty Boxx and Finding The Lost Sheep Street Ministry in Orlando, FL as they love and serve the marginalized.

Go deeper + wider in your scribbling + speaking  
as you support decolonizing, global change.