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say hello to amplifying your peace...


Say goodbye to being too busy to nurture your peace! Soul Care Kits are here!


Our monthly + quarterly membership plans offer you exclusive soul care and stunning stationery + gifts to awaken you to tend to your garden while you support marginalized women and girls. You can anticipate exclusive soul care access from Pastor Angie to shepherd you into your feminine flow of integrating rest rhythms with your work-play.

Yeah, but is it sustainable, sis?

Our peace is a non-negotiable (periodt!)

Soul Care Kits are part of an exclusive,

quarterly VIP  Membership Collective

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The quarterly Soul Care Kit is a value-adding VIP membership service, which is replete with stationery + gift goodies, early product access, and exclusive access to color + journal retreats, online + in-person from Pastor Angie.


Sis, don't merely tend to the garden of others, I awaken + assist you to BE the garden + tend to your garden first (without guilt). In other words, it's grace and more sustainable to put on your oxygen mask first.

How it Works

Kits start to ship on the 29th of March, June, September, and December. Shipping for each season continues for four weeks. Complimentary shipping within the contiguous USA, not including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and other U.S territories.


Choose Your Payment Plan

Quarterly Full Kit | Mini Kit

or Monthly Plan

Plant Based Cosmetics


Complete Your Payment Plan

You're almost done!


Anticipate Your Subscription

Give as a gift to yourself
to someone else.

Need more deets?

I gotchu, sis!

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Open for the fall. One-time + quarterly

Quarterly Plan - Full Luxe Kit

Quarterly Pay.

Quarterly Ship.

Quarterly Soul Care.


Open for the fall. One-time + quarterly

Quarterly Plan - Mini Luxe Kit

Quarterly Pay.

Quarterly Ship.

Quarterly Soul Care.


Open for the fall. One-time + monthly

Monthly Plans

Monthly Pay.

Quarterly Ship.

Monthly Soul Care.

This membership is Mohawkmomma’s next step in stewarding our environment + enriching the lives of women + girls globally. Your purchase supports the Beauty Boxx mission.

Summer Soul Care Kit Peek.jpeg

Go deeper + wider in amplifying your shalom
as you support the dignity and intrinsic worth of marginalized women + girls, personally + collectively.

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