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This is not your status quo gift guide.

Beyond stationery + gifts, stunning soul care for
writers, trailblazers, mommas, caregivers, the Bon Vivant, company gifting, teachers, students, sistah-friends... 

gifts for the trailblazer.jpg
Gifts for the I-don't-prioritize-myself-enough woman.jpg
Gifts for the Writer.jpg
Gifts for the Bon Vivant.jpg
Gifts for Housewarming.jpg
Gifts for your Galentine.jpg
Gifts for your Mom.jpg

Celebrate with a gift your employees or current and prospective clients will remember. Give them a experience to feel appreciated by you!

Don't see the products you want? We'd love to partner with you to create a personalized experience.

Gifts for your Team or Clients.jpg

Whether you're celebrating or apologizing to your team, prospects, or clients, we gotchu with gifts that speak to the soul with a social good impact.

Gifts for your Teacher.jpg
Gifts for your Student.jpg
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