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Mohawkmomma Studio is a feminine-infused, Black-owned + operated soul care boutique (we just so happen to create stunning stationery + journaling experiences).
We are based in Stone Mountain, Georgia. I'm the Chief Empathy Officer + founder + owner, Andrea "Angie" Palmer. My fondest memories were when I was scribbling + sketching. I started journaling as a child + making care packages for my family + pen pals.

In 2016, Mohawkmomma Studio was birthed to awaken + welcome other scribblers + speakers into Sabbathing Rhythms through journaling and other nourishing soul care practices.

All of the journals + stationery are designed from a place of personal + collective àṣẹ infused in soulful play + gratitude + healing + shalom-making.

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Andrea "Angie" Palmer
Chief Empathy Officer + Founder + Owner


(407) 575-7983

Soul Care Treasure Box Mailer Mockup
_Gold Circle The 30-Day Intentions Journal .png

Guided Prompts to Help You Align + Focus

(Softcover + Hardcover)

We delight to shepherd your heart to draw out what's already within you. We do the work-play alongside you.


We Offer A One-of-A-Kind Lined Bingo Notebook 


Give yourself daily permission to slow down each day long enough to check in on yourself by grabbing one of our soul care journals. Our mini-size bingo notebooks help you focus!

Melanated Musings  Satin Cover Gold Circle

Satin Covered, Hand-Bound Journal, 8x5.8


Savor the soft touch of this hardback journal. Let the hand-bound, woven fabric, with the elegant Monroe satin cover remind you of your elegance.