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We're excited to offer our sustainable stationery products to retailers on Faire! Please feel free to view our latest catalog and line sheet.

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A Bit About Our Stationery Shalom SOULutions

Mohawkmomma Studio is a feminine-infused, Black-owned + divinely operated soul care boutique (we happen to create sustainable, stunning stationery). We're enthusiasts, to put it mildly.
We are based in Stone Mountain, Georgia. I'm the Chief Empathy Officer + founder + owner, Andrea "Angie" Palmer. My fondest memories were when I was scribbling + sketching. I started journaling as a child + making care packages for my family + pen pals.

In 2016, Mohawkmomma Studio emerged as a soul care space to create more sustainable, shalom-making analog opportunities + less screen time to slow down and give priority to tending to themselves as much as they tend to others and/or their plants. I like to say, "It's grace to give to yourself as much as you give of yourself."

All of the stationery + gifts are designed to awaken + assist SOULjourners into a flourishing place of personal + collective peace/shalom (wholeness).

It's about àṣẹ (life force) infused in soulful play + gratitude + healing, and shalom-making.