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Beyond being a Black stationer, I'm a Black autistic momma of several autistic children (adolescent + adults) with varying neuro support needs.

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Being typical is not the standard. Acceptance is. 

 Through my stationery ARTvocacy, I'm bringing awareness + bridging the gap for neurodiverse, Black families, especially Black mommas who often go invisible due to intersectionality of alllll the things (hello, menopause and neurodivergence).


As you embark on this design collection journey with the

'Not Typical' Collection...


Remember, it's more than stationery + gifts—issa soul care sanctum.

(Wholesale available)

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On the Blog:

Tranquil Vibes and a NeurodiversiTEA Connection

A Word about Masking

Masking is NEVER about hiding who we truly are, but rather a survival mechanism in a world that often fails to prioritize, accept, and support neurodiversity experienced in Black bodies.


It's a balancing act that can be both exhausting + isolating. By sharing our stories, supporting one another, and advocating for change, we can help create enclave sanctums of acceptance as we advocate for a world where masking is no longer a necessity, and autistic souls can live in safety.

The 'Not Typical' Collection is committed to providing resources + fostering a community where we can celebrate our authentic selves + challenge the stigmas surrounding autism, while prioritizing our safety + wellbeing.


By sharing our experiences + showing up, we will embody an infinite spectrum of acceptance for a more inclusive world for ourselves, our families + future generations.

Also Good to Know

Kassiane Asasumasu is the autism rights activist who is credited for coining several terms related to the Neurodiversity Movement, including caregiver benevolence), neurodivergent, and neurodivergence.


Autism, Cerebal Palsey, MS, Mental Health Disabilities, Seizures and more, diverge from being considered NT (neurotypical).


Judy Singer, an Australian sociologist, first used the term neurodiversity in her sociology honors thesis in 1998.

March 18-25 #neurodiversitycelebrationweek

April #nationalautismacceptancemonth

April 2 #worldautismawarenessday

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