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juneteenth trio.jpeg
Summer Juneteenth Card Swap Card.png

We're sending more than a card; it's a tangible symbol of embodied peace + play.


This summer, we’re spreading a "Juneteenth" message like confetti from May to June.🎉

1. Purchase the featured 'Juneteenth' card for $6.50.


2. Include your heartfelt message when you order, and I’ll handwrite it for you and mail it to your recipient.


3. You buy the card and I will send it to your recipient.

4. OPTIONAL: Cards can be mailed to you directly to send.


It's a unique pen pal'ish playground opportunity to amplify our peace + play vibes in childlike wonder.

Juneteenth African Aztec Blk - Wh Folded Card mockup with envelope.jpeg



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