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Apr 2, 2021 - Apr 6, 2021

Fives Senses Poetry - 5 Days To Sensual Grounding

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Everyone who has completed all the steps will get a badge when the program ends.


Ahem! Everyone! The 5 Senses Challenge is here as we kick off National Poetry Month! As a communal birthday gift to me 🎁Come join our poetical 5 days to sense + ground your whole self in the skin you're in. You're worthy 💯 Why join 5 Senses Poetry Challenge? Our senses help us to flow creatively with our bodies to connect + create from a sacred meeting place—home (hospitality)! And we want to become more mindful poets of the artistry we're drawn into with our senses. Beyond five days—alchemize BEing + DOing. Once you complete the 5-day challenge, you are bestowed with a ‘Sensual Soul’ badge 🌸 How to join the 5 Sense Challenge? 1. Starting from April 2 (my birthday) 🎉, join the 5-day participant Group + share your senses journey response with the other participants in the Group in each new daily activity we engage. Also, share it with our Revolutionary Embodiment Forum members in a post and on any other social media outlets at your discretion + as you desire. 2. Don’t forget to add #fivesenseschallenge & @mohawkmommaloves wherever you share on social media with your community. 📍 Reminder Become a member (it's FREE) of the Revolutionary Embodiment Forum so that you stay in the loop with bonus challenge insights.

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Fives Senses - 5 Days To Sensual Grounding

Fives Senses - 5 Days To Sensual Grounding

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