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discover your Sabbathing Rhythms?

How to Discover your Sabbathing Rhythms
on Your Soulbriety Journey

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No idea what Sabbathing Rhythms are? No problem. Learn how to become aware + align with your cyclical body's biological rhythms—courageously, creatively using our self-paced course. You’ll be on your way to coming back home to your sacred whole self spiritually + physically in your soul care, scribbling, and speaking.

In this course, you’ll learn how to

→Notice your cyclical rhythms (daily, weekly, monthly, annually)

→Nurture your inner timing with more curiosity + coherence

→Embody your core values in your calendar—courageously

By the end of this course, you can

→Have a higher appraisal of rest in a restless society.

→Have a clear plan of cohesive action of focusing on ONE thing to integrate.

→Work with, not against your body's two major biological rhythms (Circadian + Infradian).


→Begin (or continue) to communicate your needs + soul care plan to others.


→Flourish on an entrepreneurial path that allows you to breathe, to be in creative flow, in sync with your innate feminine ways of being. Because running the business of being YOU is KEY!


→Deepen + expand your soul care, your impact, and your bank account by marrying a shalom-making, counter-cultural presence in the marketplace and embodiment.

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Five Assumptions About Rest

Briefly, consider these five assumptions I've heard people make about rest:


  1. Rest is being alone and not participating in community-related events. (church, work, school, etc.)

  2. Rest is being on a vacation.

  3. Rest is a luxury that only a few can indulge in. Besides, it interferes with gettin' stuff done!

  4. Rest means doing absolutely nothing.

  5. Rest only looks like going to sleep at night or taking a nap once in a while (whenever time permits).


Truly, some of these classify as rest, but rest is so much more than lying down or getting off your aching feet, those are indeed beautiful, outer expressions of rest. As a matter of fact, I highly recommend the regenerative creativity naps welcome. Here's an acronym + affirmation for integrating naps in your soul-FULL life:


naps = notice abundant power—soulfully


However, all the outer things we do to rest are tools that support the interior life of rest—our forever, inner birthright.


Rest is an audacious, noble redirection of your sacred humanity. It's not less than physical rest, but it transcends the physical + temporal realm. Rest abides in the spiritual + psychological realm. Rest is a revolutionary realm and universe!

When you joyfully seek + discover + integrate the ritual of rest in your life, you are engaging in who you truly are, not what you do or the titles you have.


Rest is NOT about performance—it's about paying attention to your human BEINGNESS (it informs your human doing). Your character development expands in rest. Rest is regenerative, it's about abiding in Love. 

Rest is a commentary on your intrinsic worth + daring resolve to transcend grind and choose radical trust.


Rest is blessed! It is your divine inheritance, not something you "work-play" for—rather, this is where you work-play from. 


Yeshua/Jesus is offering us all true soul rest. True soul rest tends to the soil of our soul and nourishes us with true sustenance that isn't circumstantial—it's cyclical, it's covenant.


Rest is about being a co-witness of abundance within and without, especially in the easily overlooked places + spaces. Rest is about recreation + refreshment—holy intermission that expands us, rather than exacerbates us, personally + collectively.

Rest invites the beauty of barrenness in the winter, budding in the spring, bountifulness in the summer, and boldness in the fall—figuratively + literally.


Rest is about syncing Sabbathing Rhythms (the alternation of rest + work-play) with the cyclical rhythms of your biology, which reflects the monthly lunar waxing + waning. There's a transformational process that unfolds when we notice + nurture. +embody the grace to give to ourselves as much as we give of ourselves.


Rest is intuitive + intentional. As your Soul Care Pastor, I am elated to be your Sabbathing Rhythms Welcome Committee.

So if it's been a minute since you dared to daydream, or dared to behold your breath, or dared to nurture a nap—I dare you to draw from the inheritance that's already yours. BUT there will be much to unlearn + untether yourself from as you open up to the upstream practice + play of celebrating a rest-filled life of Sabbathing Rhythms.


SOULjourner, be patient + compassionate with your humanity, there's no hurry. Rest is not a race—it's a revolution that rebels against grind + the exploitation of the mind, spirit, body, and soul! Sabbathing Rhythms is your Sankofa sanctuary to awaken you to this redemptive revolution.

The Sabbathing Rhythms are...


Daily Diversions + Decisions
Weekly Withdrawals + Woo
Monthly Moments + Meditation
Annual Abandonments + Attunement


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