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Notebook and Pen

Are you

Ready to

discover your rhythmic gratitude?

Notice + Nurture + Embody
Your Cyclical, Rhythmic Gratitude!

Sabbathing Rhythms Gratitude Journal Sense Sheet Mockup
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Original or AKA Edition

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Ready for a unique approach to journaling? The Sabbathing Rhythms Monthly Gratitude Journal is designed in a feminine-infused way that will make it a bit easier to get into the habit of sensually aligning your gratitude with the moon phases (and the four phases of your menstrual cycle).

In this journal, you’ll enjoy

→6×9 in, 15×23 cm—a great travel size!

→Hardcover, smooth touch

→74+ pages of reflective prompts + beautiful artwork

Each month, you will

→notice the moon phase.

→nurture your senses.

→embody work-play with, not against your body's biological rhythms (Circadian + Infradian).

→ponder Scripture about the celestial sky.

→deepen + expand your witness of the lunar ebb + flow—within you and above you.

AKA-inspired First Edition

Gratitude Journal

In honor of Mary Williamson + Toni Morrison

The Original Edition

Gratitude Journal

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