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for an embodied mentoring experience?

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A 6-Month Faith-Based Mentorship + Inner Activism Development Program + Community For Shalom-Making Women 

Join me for a monthly live, online group mentoring community (tactical workshops included) that will help you lean into soul rest + rise up from the inside out to your next step, your new chapter, your next project, your next discovery about where the Beloved is leading you, and so much more.

JOIN ME once a month. (And tell a friend!)

Sabbath on, SOULjourner,

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Some Topics We'll Cover

"Discovering your unique Sabbathing Rhythms"

"You don't have to work to multiply it - you work to mirror God!"

"Pursuing joy + justice, the embodiment approach"

"Creating a self-care safety plan"

"Purpose work over perfect work"


"A holistic & hermeneutical approach to work + rest"

"Abundance + scarcity mindset"

"Lament + Improvisation"

"Holy Chanting" and more...