I host two meditation and Christian contemplative podcasts that are helping many souls notice, nurture, and embody soul care. Together, we journey through a SOULbriety pilgrimage by choosing to go slow and lean into healing sabbathing rhythms through prayers + ponderings + pastoral care.

Let's cultivate solidarity in soul care!

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SOULjouner, I'm Andrea "Mohawkmomma" Palmer! I communicate as a writer, teacher, pastor, poet, prophet, and mom of eight children (plus one in heaven). I'm the eldest of seven, and I've recently returned to two of my childhood creative expressions — coloring and nature walks.



“I adore this podcast so much. It resonates well with my spirit

at the times I need it the most."


“Whenever I listen to Mohawkmomma Soul, there is a peace that always comes to me. Her voice is fresh and insightful, and there is always something I take from her podcasts!"

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