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SOULjouner, I'm Mohawkmomma. I go by Andrea or Angie Palmer! I am human—first and foremost. I communicate as a meditative storyteller. I'm the eldest of seven, and I've recently returned to three of my childhood, creative expressions: coloring, playing jump rope (all my jumping moves are being passed down to my children), and taking nature walks.

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A blogger that needs a blog

“Whenever I listen to Mohawkmomma Soul, there is a peace that always comes to me. Her voice is fresh and insightful, and there is always something I take from her podcasts!"

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“I adore this podcast so much. It resonates well with my spirit

at the times I need it the most."

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"There are many times I have craved nourishment for my soul. I've craved a voice that leads me to the true voice of the Beloved and this is exactly what Mohawkmomma does. This is what I was craving."

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