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Shop with Soul for Mom and Mother-figures All Year Long: A Guide to 8 Unique Collections

Mohawkmomma Soul Podcast Season 5

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Before we get into the gift guide collections, let's have a soul to soul about the imminent arrival of Mother's Day.

Mother’s Day is a tapestry woven with threads of joy, nostalgia, and sometimes, a touch of grief.

As we celebrate the remarkable women who have shaped our lives, we recognize that motherhood isn’t always straightforward—it’s layered, nuanced, and sometimes complex.

Whether it’s the memory of a cherished mother, a mom honoring the memory of a child who has passed away, the tension between mother and daughter, the unwavering love of a mother-figure, and the many challenges of femininity and motherhood, this day invites us to honor those intricate emotions.

I've created a Mom/Mother-figure gift guide to pay homage to these multifaceted feelings, offering pastoral care that captures both the bitter + sweetness—the depth of our connections.

Gift-giving is a sacred activity from the inside out. It's marked by internal and external seasons.

Thoughtful and intentional gift-giving happens year-round, allowing us to celebrate the many facets of motherhood and uplift the moms and mother-figures in our lives. Around these soul care parts, we believe in honoring the ever-evolving experiences + needs of mothers throughout their feminine phases of life.

By embracing the transformative power of soul care: personal and collective flourishing, we awaken women to amplify their peace + prioritize their wellbeing, making every day an occasion to celebrate.

we awaken women to amplify their peace + prioritize their feminine wellbeing, making every day an occasion to celebrate nurturers + caregivers.

Our carefully created collections feature playful, luxury, high-quality pieces designed to nurture self-tending in childlike wonder, while our pastoral care insights will help you support and nurture the mom/mother-figure in your life. Let's explore this garden of stunning offerings and advice together.

1. MenoLife Mom Collection

For moms/mother-figures navigating perimenopause and beyond, our MenoLife Mom Collection offers supportive + nurturing gifts:

  • Wooden Wick Candle & Matches: Create a serene atmosphere for pause + relaxation.

  • Bingo-prompt Journal: Provides helpful resources and encourages her to jot down her reflections, prayers, experiences, and feelings during this transformative phase.

  • Greeting Card: Send words of encouragement + love.

  • Affirmation Cards: Her daily affirmations will nurture self-compassion and self-tending.

  • Socks: Warm and cozy socks to keep her feet warm and comfortable as she navigates the ups + downs of peri to post-menopause. Wearing socks to bed helps the body decrease core body temperature and therefore may help bring soothe to her body.

Pastoral Care: As moms go through this transformative time, remind her of the importance of making time for rhythmic, soul care rituals. Encourage open conversations and self-compassion during this season of change. Remind her that she’s not alone—many women share this journey.

2. Neurodivergent Mom Collection

Celebrate the presence of neurodivergent moms/mother-figure with these heartfelt gifts:

  • Greeting Cards: Share that you see her + appreciate her uniqueness.

  • Socks: As a neurodivergent adult I actually have plenty of clothing sensitivities. My sensory systems are on high alert, I perceive things so strongly. For those with sensory processing disorder who hate socks, keep it movin'. Although I create seamless-free, sensory friendly socks that are cozy + colorful, each person will have a preference of material and height that they prefer their socks. That's right, they do not have a toe seam, because everyday, sensory comfort matters. Ours stay put and have good moisture wicking.

  • Journal: A safe space for her thoughts. Remind her that her voice + creativity matters.

Pastoral Care: Encourage her to embrace her unique perspectives + gifts, and remind her of the value she brings into the world. Validate her experiences. Encourage her to seek community and share her journey. Remind her that her neurodivergence is part of her beautiful uniqueness.

3. Journaling Mom Collection

Encourage her self-discovery and personal flourishing with these thoughtful gifts:

  • Hardcover Journals (Travel-Size and Desk Size): Ready for her on-the-go adventures. Capture memories, ideas, and inspirations.

  • Large Desk-Size Journal: A spacious canvas for deeper reflections and creative writing.

  • Bingo-Prompted Journals: Fun prompts to spark her imagination + inspire creativity + curiosity.

  • Faux Feather Quill Pens + Color Pencils: Elevate her writing experience.

Pastoral Care: Emphasize the importance of journaling + coloring. It reduces stress and unleashes creativity. Clinical psychologists say that bringing pen to paper helps alleviate anxiety + stress, increase IQ + memory + heal trauma.

4. Sip + Savor Mom Collection

Delight the mom/mother-figure who enjoys her favorite beverages with these unique pieces:

  • Artisanal Cup + Saucer Set: A gorgeous set for her daily cup of joy.

Pastoral Care: Encourage her to find joy in simple pleasures. Remind her that it’s essential for her wellbeing. Practice the power of pause as she sips her favorite beverage, savoring the moments of simplicity + peace.

5. Shalom Mom Collection

For the mom seeking peace + wholeness with these soulful gifts:

  • Stemless Insulated Tumbler: Keep her drinks at the perfect temperature.

  • Bible Study Notebook: Inspire spiritual growth and contemplation.

  • Cocktail Napkin Set: Add a touch of elegance to gatherings.

Pastoral Care: Shalom means more than absence of conflict—it’s about holistic wellbeing. Encourage her to be attentive to moments of divine inner peace. Remind her of the importance of cultivating inner peace and being the garden who gets watered.

6. Sabbathing Mom Collection

Celebrate her journey of rest + rejuvenation with these eco-friendly gifts:

  • Apparel: Comfortable + stylish clothing for everyday wear.

  • Eco-Friendly Tote: A practical, sustainable ARTvocacy accessory for daily use.

Pastoral Care: Emphasize the importance of rest + rejuvenation, allowing her to refill her cup. Encourage her to prioritize rest in many noble forms + expressions. Remind her that it’s okay to pause to redirect her attention + energy and care for herself without guilt.

7. Writer Mom Collection

Celebrate her creativity + love for words with these thoughtful gifts:

  • Affirmation Mug & Apparel: Start her day with an uplifting affirmation. A cozy mug + comfortable apparel will remind her she's leaving a legacy

  • Sticker: A fun way to personalize her writing stationery (or whatevah).

  • Throw Pillow: Add comfort + inspiration to her favorite writing spot.

Pastoral Care: Writing is an act of vulnerability + ARTvocacy. Remind her that her words have power—to heal, inspire, and connect. Encourage her to embrace her unique voice in the ebb + flow of her feminine rhythms, and to prioritize her passions and find joy in the creative pursuits that enrich her.

8. Soulful + Active Mom Collection

For moms/mother-figures who value both soulful reflection + physical activity, explore these thoughtful gifts:

  • Leggings & Activewear: Stylish and comfortable activewear for workouts and daily wear.

  • Mug: A soulful reminder + companion to soothe with her favorite, warm beverages.

Pastoral Care: Wellness is holistic—mind, body, and spirit. Remind her that it’s an act of love toward herself and those she cares for. Encourage her to nourish her whole without guilt.

Experience the transformative power of shopping with soul and ARTvocacy. By choosing Mohawkmomma Studio's luxe-designed collections, you become a part of our mission to uplift and empower marginalized women + girls.

Each purchase contributes to our quarterly donations in the fight against human trafficking. Elevate your gift-giving and make a meaningful impact by shopping our soul care collections at

Remember, celebrating mom or the mother-figure in your life isn’t limited to a single day. It’s a year-round soul care affair.

Beyond stationery + gifts, stunning soul care for mommas, for daily living + being.

Cards that speak to the soul of motherhood.


New Spring Release in time for Mother's Day:

'Whatever is...' Collection

Inspired by Philippians 4

Until next time,

Scribble. Speak. From your soul.



*neurodiversity: describes the neurological diversity that exists with humanity: the different ways people process + think + experience life. Differences that are on a neurological (nervous system + brain), physical + emotional level.

*neurodivergent: describes the divergence from the "standard norm" or "standard typical" way of being +processing + thinking. This standard is an illusion. Chiiile, there is no norm. A neurodivergent brain is physically wired differently - there's a different amount of neurons to process information, which causes overstimulation.

Another thought about neurodiversity + disability: You can't "have" autism, ADHD, dyslexia, etc., it's a neurological wiring with various traits. What causes the disability is the system that accommodates + incentivizes folks that process a specific type of way.

This systemization of marginalization creates an inequitable environment, which causes the disability not the neurology.

Also Good to Know:

Kassiane Asasumasu is the autism rights activist who is credited for coining several terms related to the Neurodiversity Movement, including caregiver benevolence), neurodivergent, and neurodivergence.

Autism, Cerebal Palsey, MS, mental health disabilities, seizures and more, diverge from being considered NT (neurotypical).


Judy Singer, an Australian sociologist, first used the term neurodiversity in her sociology honors thesis in 1998.

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