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The End of The Day Restorative Guided Meditation

New Podcast Season 1 Mohawkmomma Soul

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This blog post is the transcript of the bonus podcast episode with the same title.

Let's soften in solidarity.

Affirm: This much is good.

Find a place to settle your body, your holy temple. Your mind. This is the end of your day. Under the current circumstances, you’ve done your best today.

Exhale and let go of your work and choose rest - let your eyes relax. Loosen your tongue from the top of your mouth and slowly relax your lips and cheeks.

Let your shoulders fall. Let them down into your back. Let your back relax into your hips, your pelvis. There is abundance.

Inhale grace here, now. The in-breath is a life force. Now exhale and release guilt + grind. Exhaling is a life force. Your breath is new life created each and every time. You take in and you let out. In the letting out, know that you've done enough today.

It's about Presence and realignment over punitive and rejection-oriented tendencies.

Notice the tension in your body. There's a wordless story in the tension. What is that story? Begin to send love to that place. Let your nerves nurture and release you in a slow out-breath—exhale. This is your body’s, your temple’s natural relaxant.

Now slowly inhale. You've done enough for today. What is that moment like when your in-breath became your out-breath? Notice the transition. It's a moment of fullness that needs its release.

And the release comes with the out-breath. Let's release and honor the parts of yourself that leads others. Let's honor the parts of yourself that creates for others. The parts of yourself that prays and loves others. The parts of yourself that teaches and reaches out to others.

It is time for you to give to yourself. You are a spiritual + a life alchemist, let's extend that same transformational love and compassion to yourself.

Turn towards yourself. Face her apart from faulty metrics and sense the renewing presence of the Beloved.

Hear Jesus invite you, ” Come to me, I will give you rest.”

What does that rest look like when you rest from all your image management to be freed up to reflect the Divine image of Love? It is enough for all that you've done today for you to hear well done.

Your invitation is to soften + receive. The 'Soften here, sis' collection help you wind down.

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Until next time,

Scribble. Speak. From your soul.


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