Soul Care Self Care Toolkit

You're here because you desire to live a holistic, sustainable, and substantial life. Make sure you sign up and receive your Soul Care + Self-Care Toolkit!  We welcome you, wherever you are on your SOULbriety (soul care + sobriety) pilgrimage, this pilgrimage will help guide you into...


Jesus' Heart

The Inner Self   

The Physical Self   

The Creative Self   

From Self to Community


I come alongside you to guide you into a deepening discovery of embodying a wholeness approach to your sacred humanity as a writer, whether you’re blogging, book-writing, byline-aspiring, poetry writing, or free-styling in your notebook for fun. You are a writer if you hold yourself accountable to documenting, journaling, educating, and opening up others to their imagination, growth, and healing.


I guide you into a Christ-centered communion, curiosity, creativity, courage, and contemplative living because I believe that the Incarnation of Yeshua's/Jesus' words are meant to bring life to your words.


It is an upward, inward, and outward way of sacred scribbling (at least, that's what I call it)... (upward) awareness of Jesus, (inward) self-awareness, and (outward) awareness of others.

IMPORTANT: I don't recommend you try and integrate all of these practices in the toolkit all at once.


Just start with one or two. My advice is to do one thing 1% better. This approach can free you up and help you cultivate an unforced and liberating creative process.


You'll notice the emphasis of neuroscience and neurobiology interwoven with contemplative practices (perfection not required, just show up)!

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Toolkit Bonus  


Gratitude Strategies

You can adopt these three strategies to embody the positive healing or health effects of gratitude.


Strategy One: Practice “interior gratitude.” Keep a daily or weekly list of the things you are grateful for. For example, I might write: I am grateful for the smell of lemons in my water or the touch of a kiss from a loved one.


I created a different kind of to-do list notepad with this in mind—you automatically receive a 30-sheet page notepad when you register for the Sabbathing Rhythms eCourse (or you can buy it separately).  Download a sample PDF copy.  


Strategy Two: Practice “exterior gratitude.” Write thank-you notes and put your gratitude to others on paper. For example, you could write a thank-you email or send a text to your friend or teammate for supporting you through a big project.


Strategy Three“Be grateful for easily overlooked things.” In other words, express thanks for the everyday stuff you usually overlook such as fresh fruit, waking up in the morning, cleaned my closet, dew on the grass, your sense of touch, the sound of your breath, clean water, etc.


Hydration Recipes

Recipe One: I start my days with turmeric water. I combine turmeric, pepper (to absorb the turmeric better), honey, coconut oil, and hot water. Add ingredients to taste, no measurements needed. 


Turmeric Benefits


  • Reduces inflammation + helps boost antioxidant levels.

  • Keeps your immune system healthy.

  • Improves brain’s oxygen intake for you to stay alert + able to process information.


Recipe Two: Blend room temperature or cold water, green leafy vegetables, blueberries, avocado, and coconut oil for an easy brain smoothie! You can experiment with many blends of fruit and veggies to see what you come up with. Add ingredients to taste, no measurements needed. 


Blended Water Benefits


  • Blueberries protect your brain from oxidative stress. 

  • Coconut oil raises the good HDL cholesterol in your blood, which is linked to reduced heart disease risk. It provides your body and brain with quick energy.

  • Green leafy veggies like spinach, kale, or collard greens are good sources of vitamin E and folate (folate is a B-vitamin).

  • Avocados help to keep a healthy blood flow.


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