Thank you for taking this pause to stop watering the garden of another to be the garden who gets watered. I'm delighted you're here! From time to time, as your soul care pastor + mentor, I'd like to send you a soul care love letter in your inbox.

Sis, are you feeling restless + overwhelmed?



Do you desire to decolonize + optimize + simplify cyclical rhythms in your soul care? 


You've come to the right place! That was my story, too.

Where do you begin? Consider what you need + long for in this present moment.

Select an image below to discover + discern with gentleness + grace.

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A Meditative Moment


Ponder: What it means to come home to rhythmic, upstream tending to your sacred belovedness + liberation - it's your holy birthright in the Beloved.


Ponder: Are you currently in an ebb or flow on your SOULbriety (soul care + sobriety) journey? This journey will help awaken + guide you into...


Yeshua's Heart

The Inner Self   

The Physical Self   

The Creative Self   

From Self to Community


Ponder: How I come alongside you to guide you into a deepening discovery of embodying a wholeness approach to your sacred humanity as a speaker + scribbler, whether you’re speaking to an audience of one or many. Whether you are hosting a podcast, blogging, book-writing, byline-aspiring, poetry writing, or free-styling in your notebook for fun.


Ponder: You are an oracle (speaker) + writer (scribbler) if you hold yourself accountable for documenting, journaling, educating, and opening up others to their imagination, growth, and healing.


I awaken + co-witness with you into a Christ-centered communion, curiosity, creativity, courage, and contemplative living because I believe that the incarnation/embodiment of Yeshua's words are meant to bring life to your words.


Ponder: An upward, inward, and outward way of sacred speaking + scribbling (at least, that's what I call it)... (upward) awareness of Yeshua, (inward) self-awareness, and (outward) awareness of others.

Pastoral Counsel + Care: SOULjourner, when you/we aim for coherence + integration, you/we are freed up from the tyranny of pushing + creating stress upon ourselves. Remember, you/we are human. Align with pause + connection over burdening yourself with perfection + competency.

Discover how our soul care boutique offers many rest resources to help you align with personal + collective coherence + integration.


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