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A Blessing - The Mundane of Self-Nurture

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The Blessing

Where I notice my life.

When I nurture my life.

How I embody my life.

I will humbly live my life in—in the mundane.

Help me elevate Your divine message

in my earthiness.

Help me elevate Your divine mind

in my clay-thinking.

Help me elevate Your divine miraculous

in my mundane.

Help me connect deeply in the mundane of bandaging a finger or folding laundry.

Bless my awareness, my acknowledgment.

Bless me to see You bandaging my belovedness.

Bless me to see You folding me into the fabric of Your healing hands.

Your magnificence imbues my mundane.

The Drawing Down of Blessings

The word berachah (blessing) pronounced bra-KHAH carries the idea “to kneel.” In Jewish thought, it is explained that a blessing means a "drawing down."

Yanki Tauber says, "Everything in life — health, prosperity, joy, wisdom, peace of mind — needs to be drawn down from its potential, spiritual state into the actuality of our physical existence. It's all there — spiritually we are all healthy, wealthy and wise. The problems we experience in life are basically a matter of something gone wrong in the wiring. We're not connecting; our spiritual and physical selves are having trouble communicating."


Where, when and how will you draw down the potential of self-nurture hiding in the mundane of your life?

Use your sacred imagination to see the Father of Lights getting low to kneel into your life to bestow upon you blessings—some require excavation.

Will we dig?

Pastoral Comfort

Thank you immensely for joining me in this blessing, your participation in this blessing begins with knowing you receive blessings to experience intimacy with the Blessor, not as a reward. And from the inflow of intimacy, we can reflect God in the overflow of being a blessing to another.

Pastoral Counsel

There are practical ways to excavate the blessings of self-nurture. What matters most will be the most meaningful. We will each have our unique approach to doing so. I use the Sabbathing Rhythms framework to integrate self-nurture in the mundane of my days—one of the rhythmic practices I use is with the alarms on my smartphone.

HOMEwork to help you come home to your Sabbathing Rhythms

Consider setting alarms in the rhythms of your day to help you dig. This is another expression of revolutionary embodiment. Create self-care appointments for yourself to Notice + Nurture + Embody your humanity. Self-care includes ordinary & mundane moments.

This is a screenshot image of my mid-morning rhythms.

Links For Further Discovery

Want to know more about Sabbathing Rhythms? Begin with this blog post introduction (formerly called Sabbath Rhythms).

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