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Disruptive Grace: Bless The Everyday, Small Harvest

Pause For The Small Everyday Harvest

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Disruptive grace

does not ask permission

or say how do you do

or could we sit down and talk. It cannot be controlled.

It is not predictable

or rational.

It cannot be


Grace does exactly what

grace wants to do. Disrupt and Interrupt

our slumber and comfort.

in every place in every stage in every breath where Grace like an ocean

blesses me

Yes, deepens me with

the fellowship of crashing waves. Selah.

This blessing was inspired by My re-encounter with Jonah and the Hillsong United song, Oceans. These poetry blessings are part of my new meditation series, "Everyday, Small Harvest". Join me as we count the Omer to Pentecost and continue with the harvest of it in the Month of May. Today, we bring the sheaf of grace, disruptive grace.

This blessing is here to persuade you to bless and boast in your small and significant places.

Tap the two-sided bookmark to print out and remind your soul of disruptive grace.

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Disruptive Grace Bookmark

Tap and download the Omer counting guide to remind your soul of the significance of the everyday, small harvest. Share it with a friend.

The Wisdom of Wilderness Book

Until next time,

Scribble. Speak. From your soul.


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