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Homeschool Sabbath Rhythms Pilgrimage

Homeschool Sabbath Rhythms Pilgrimage

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Home In The Heart

Homeschooling or home education should have more emphasis of fostering “home” in the heart, than the aim to derive accomplishment and worth from getting your child to produce “golden eggs.”

This is a pilgrimage about having a vision and a desire to receive and to teach from a place of shalom (peace,wholeness) and to connect wholeheartedly with your child’s heart, mind, soul, and strength. Love is the aim.

Teach Peace

It's Not About Your Perfection, It's About His Perfection

Being and doing can work in harmony. Yes, there’s much to do, but it is eternally significant (or it ought to be) for Love Himself to be perfect enough to have accomplished His "To-Do" list entirely that you and I can rely on His perfection, instead of demanding our own to get our “To-Do” list items crossed off.

It's not about perfect execution. It's about noticing life in the midst of teaching your child's heart to embrace true peace in their ongoing journey of loving, learning, and adapting. It's about giving yourself and your child permission to discover simplicity and significance.

Sabbath Rhythms

There’s a grace way that I do this called Sabbath Rhythms. I begin to adopt the routine of rest in my life over eleven years ago.

Sabbath Rhythms are integrated throughout your calendar. I go into more details to outline the rhythms in another blog post, Nurturing Sabbath Rhythms. There's a link at the end to read more about them in details. For now, I just want to awaken your interest to this idea of rest.

The primary emphasis is about the routine of rest. Just to be clear, rest is not merely about the absence of activity, it's so much more. It's about the redirection of activity. It's about the presence of a heart that is attentive to an inside-out transformation.

Spiritual Formation Over Formula

There's no formula, but there is spiritual formation.

It will look uniquely different for each person in the way the Sabbath Rhythms are engaged. It’s about your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual patterns. It's also about noticing your personal growth, your values, and your response to grace & truth.

The Veteran, The Newbie, The Curious

If you are presently homeschooling, consider some things that obstruct or distract you from fostering a more home-centered approach. List them in one column (consider your attitude, mindset, blind spots, etc.). In another column, list what the needs are that the obstruction or distraction is revealing.

If you're thinking about homeschooling visit the "Our Family" page (see the link at the end).

Whether you are a veteran, a newbie, or just curious you must...

Be patient and trust the grace that comes to inform you of God's love and acceptance for you and your child.

To explore more, download the PDF by clicking the image. It will guide you into an interactive unburdening exercise. - Shalom!

A Homeschool Pilgrimage

Until next time,

Scribble. Speak. From your soul.


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Nurturing Sabbath Rhythms Part One

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