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Journal and Heal - What Journal is Best to Use?

Journaling is a playground. It’s a multifaceted, somatic, healing experience. It’s a sabbathing sanctum + strategy. Sometimes, you scribble with a pen, a keystroke, or sometimes with a pause to ponder the narratives around and within you.

Journaling is you telling your story. Journaling is you paying close attention to your life.

There should nevah be pressure for it to look a certain way. We too free + worthy for that! Since journaling is a playground, and not a classroom assignment with grades that indicate if you pass or fail; you are free to explore + have fun as you sort through lightweight and heavyweight ish as you come home to yourself and the abundance that is yours from the heart of Love—God.

So if you're one of those people who believe you don't have time to journal, or you're not a journaler (or a "good" one). It is enough to be a human who dares to document their journey by journaling in various meaningful ways whether, daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

Journaling is rhythmic.

SOULjourner, what comes to mind for you when you think about journaling?

I’m in bliss when let go of any journaling agendas and document my life however it best serves me in the moment.

Journaling is rest.

At times, journaling looks like writing a “thinking of you” card, jotting down a prayer/scripture/affirmation

on a mirror or in a notebook, scribbling an idea on a sticky note, recording a podcast or voice memo, snapping photos to visually journal my thoughts + gratitude + prayers + emotions.

Journaling is scribbling, coloring, doodling, making collages...

But journaling can't be reduced to a rigid solo activity—it welcomes the flow of transformative nourishment when we engage in collective journaling. There’s something priceless that emerges in the solidarity of scribbling with other shalom-makers.

What Type of Journal Is Best?

Whatever type of journal you invest in, whether it’s a color + journal note card, sticky notes, lined/dotted/blank notebooks, or one with guided prompts—the journal best for you is the one you’ll find pleasure in using based on the purpose you set.

Trust yourself to experiment as you journal + heal. If you’ve never played with a dotted journal, try it! If you avoid blank journals because you like to write straight, open yourself up to addressing perfectionism and try collage journaling. Add things to the blank page from your nature walks. There are so many possibilities!

Embodied journaling helps you connect with yourself + God on the page as you document your transformation. It helps you slow down to notice + nurture + embody your life.

The Science + Art Behind Journaling

❥ Writing eases anxiety + brings chemical balance back to the brain and helps to increase “feel good” hormones like serotonin + dopamine, etc.

❥ Writing + documenting your experience changes your neurophysiology and so much more. It welcomes your wholeness, your ongoing healing.

❥ Scribbling regulates the nervous system.

❥ Scribbling helps you slow down + savor life.

❥ Scribbling helps to synthesize discoveries.

❥ Scribbling offers an approach to stress management.

❥ Jotting it down as guided + prompted by another helps to take the guesswork outta what to journal as you engage in a creative process of self-acceptance + self-nurture.

❥ Jotting it down expands your prayers + thinking + believing.

❥ Jotting it down deepens communion with the Divine Creator.

❥ Jotting it down unburdens the body.

❥ Jotting it down is an invitation for your body to speak in alignment with the present moment.

Journaling Benediction Meditation

❥ Rest FROM journaling that guilts you.

❥ Rest IN journaling that welcomes you.

Journaling is a liberating, generative framework that knows no bounds.

Be assured that we guide you on this soul care pathway when you invest in your wholeness journey using our journaling SOULutions.

Around here, journaling helps you amplify your peace and give TO yourself with compassion as much as give OF yourself to others.

Journaling doesn’t have to be complicated or treated as a chore. It doesn’t have to look one way. My joy is to shepherd you through your wholeness journey as you discover “shalom in every script” through the ethos of journaling.

Let your child-like imagination get curious on your journal playground. Yes, this requires a mindset shift. So let me shepherd you in the shifting.

That's me around 7 or 8 years old. When I journal, I honor + channel that little girl + my teen self by still dotting all my letter "i's" with hearts. This is part of my generational legacy to myself + those near and dear to my heart.

Journal Prompt

Finish this sentence: "As a child, I always enjoyed ______________. Today, I honor that child by engaging ______________. "

Until next time,

Scribble. Speak. From your soul.


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In order to flourish, you must nourish!

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