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A Collective Visual Journaling Meditation Using the Dotted Notebook


In this Sunday 3-4 minute journaling sermon, let’s journal + heal, as we ponder + savor the ancient recording in John 10:10:

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” - Yeshua

Be soulful + creative!

The best thing about a dotted notebook is that you can really let your soul soar wild or on the tamed, neat side (whatever floats your boat).

Let your imagination fly with just a small dotted helping hand to guide your scribblings, doodles, plannings, paintings or whatevah else you decide to do with it. SOULjourner, the possibilities are endless!

Tap or click here or the image below to download your free dotted journal practice page on my Patreon!

To grab one of the soft-touch, velvety dotted journals, click or tap the images below.

Until next time,

Scribble. Speak. From your soul.


See our complete collection of bullet/dotted notebooks (as well as our lined + plain paper ones) in the soul care boutique + be inspired to plan with some soulful + creative struttin’!



In order to flourish, you must nourish!

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