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Write Your Soul Care Narrative

(Originally posted January 6, 2020)

Why begin soul care with storytelling? Because we live on narratives. We internalize and pass on stories generation after generation.

But do you know what story is being told when it comes to the all-encompassing nurture of your embodied humanity? Well, lemme just tell you, a fiction narrative was never meant for your life.

We all need awakening, constant awakening to embody a love story of wholeness, shalom-making, healing, and a solidarity authored by Yeshua's unconditional, out-of-this-world nurture and nature, which is why I was compelled to write and experience this journaling experience.

we breathe, get curious, and replenish together.

I believe this course is so critical of a foundation in your/our soul care journey that it will be forever free. You will always have access to the lesson modules and any updates I add to it in the future.

Because this eCourse space is less about information and more about revelation...

- Your imperfections are welcomed here.

- Your insights are welcomed here.

- Your feedback is welcomed here.

- Your gifts and strengths are welcomed here.

- Your vulnerabilities and victories are welcomed here.

- Your vulnerability and your heart will have a place to exhale & heal

- You are welcomed entirely to be you - no masks, no facade.

This will be a healing pilgrimage from start to finish.

The best advice I can give you for this journey is to be unhurried as you define success for yourself (even if it takes you longer than 10 days to complete the course). Success will look different for each person.

I want you to do three things as you get started...

1. Instead of having expectations about what you want to experience, just lean into the experience and let Jesus love you in your past, in your present, and into your future.

2. Help me spread the word—wherever you are on social media. Not on social media? Email it to someone and/or send a text. Feel free to grab one of the images.

3. The very last thing I want you to do is leave a comment if you have taken the course or you're currently on the journey. We should never underestimate the benefit to a soul of having our testimonies shared. They are so instrumental.

I do have a New Year's gift for you to download. A wallpaper to remind you of a pressing goal you are giving your focus to in 2020.

Today On The Mohawkmomma Soul Podcast

Tune in to Days 8-10: Soul Care Narrative, our first episode in 2020. If you're currently enrolled in the 10-Day Soul Care Narrative Online Course, you're going to want to lean in and decelerate with me.

In this episode:

— We completed days 8 through 10. Of course, it's best to listen in sequence—begin here.

— Today's invitation is to notice and engage...

1. what your desired goal of your soul care narrative revealed about God's love

2. your visible impact on others in your sphere of influence

3. your perception

4. your momentum

— You’ll be asked to pay attention to your out breath and in breath.

— You’ll sit in what it means to not only face truth, but to welcome it's stinging salt bath healing detoxification.

— You’ll be guided to recognize radical hospitality, your transformational connection through welcome.

LOVE IT? SHARE IT! Text, email, carrier pigeon—share this episode with friends however you like!

Exciting News!

Although the Soul Care Narrative series is ending, I'm transitioning to hibernate into my winter sabbatical to write my next book—a 3-volume, Bible study, a love story inspired by the book of Leviticus. Yes, Leviticus!

If you are on the SOULjourner Collective email list, you'll receive the periodic updates and prayer requests I'll share. If you haven't signed up, I encourage you to do so.

Until next time,

Scribble. Speak. From your soul.

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