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New Moon, Your Voice, and Your Vulva - TranquiliTEA: Tunes + Embodiment + Affirmation


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"Blessed are the women who pause to

reflect + review the month in the rearview. They shall get their moorings + discernment for the new month."

Embodiment + Affirmation

Dear scribbler + speaker,

Let's ground ourselves in a hum (or a deep, long sigh) as we enter another New Moon.

The waning energy of the moon mirrors to us a needful release that beckons us in𝚝𝚘 𝚗𝚎𝚠 inner spaces + outer 𝚙𝚕𝚊𝚌𝚎𝚜 where we get to expand our rest + let go of that which use to take up space in our lives—but no longer.

The New Moon journaling page is downloadable at the end of your reading.

New Moon Journaling Benediction

First, a blessing of release: "May we honor a holy, slow-release fertilizer of new beginnings + renewal to nourish us in this time of manifesting with the New Moon.

“I get to release this ish...” Besides scribbling, what other form of releasing will you notice, nurture, and embody?

Embody Humming

Research has shown that humming can help to:

❥ Naturally calm your nervous system by stimulating the vagus nerve, which activates the parasympathetic nervous system (aka rest & digest response).

❥ Reconnect you to your body + bring you back to the present moment, just by listening to your voice + feeling the vibrations in your body when you make sound/vocalize.

❥ Reduce stress + improve your health in many ways (such as reducing cortisol levels and inflammation, soothing pain, and improving your immunity and mood).

❥ Release tension in your throat and the rest of your body by ‘massaging’ yourself from within through the vibration of your vocal folds (aka vocal cords).

Voice + Vulva: powerful + playful

❥ We often are (too) afraid or over accommodating to say what we think or feel, to speak honestly, to express our POV, and emotions… to simply be ourselves.

❥ Your voice isn’t only an important communication tool, but also a powerful + playful built-in healing tool that can massage the body from the inside out and help you improve your health + well-being.

❥ Your vocal folds, diaphragm + pelvic floor are connected through pressure, nerves, fascia, energy, and in many other ways.

❥ Together, these horizontally oriented muscles are often called the three diaphragms:

❥ The laryngeal/vocal + thoracic/respiratory + pelvic diaphragm.

❥ When one is not functioning properly, it also impacts the other diaphragms which can have an impact on your voice and the rest of your body and mind. So it’s important to strengthen/tone/balance/unblock them all by:

❥ Humming for 5 minutes (or more) at a comfortable pitch and focus on the vibrations (a buzzing sensation) in your face/head, throat, and the rest of your body. It stimulates the vagus nerve (aka queen of the parasympathetic nervous system).

❥ Say what you’re thinking, not what you think you should say.

❥ Focus on expressing your thoughts, feelings, or perceptions without belittling/attacking the other person. Just aim for being real, not right.

❥ SOULjourner, keep in mind that your mind is present when you hum/sing/chant... this (inner) voice work is a process and takes practice, curiosity, courage, creativity, and vulnerability. So take all the time you need to optimize your voice-vulva connection!

❥ Now, you CAN’T control how the words you speak will be received, but you CAN do your best to make sure they are in alignment with you and the sacred shalom-making entrusted to you.

❥ It's grace to seek professional help if your health problems don't pass or they worsen.

Pastoral Embodied Benediction

When you are dwelling on the past, fearing the future, or when you just want to quiet your busy mind; sense the voice of God wooing you to hum/chant/sing to bring you to the present moment.

Exquisite artwork by Luisa Alexandré. Research material adapted from M. Monné.

Tending Tunes

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Planting by the moon guide

A poem of blessing for sabbathing scribblers + speakers syncing with the moon

You Are A Moon Mirror The moon praises the beauty of the Creator. The Creator uses the ocean to hold up a mirror to the moon to reflect back to it its beauty. Likewise, your blessed femininity is a moon mirror.

Until next time,

Scribble. Speak. From your soul.


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