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Opening The Advent Door - Bless The Sanctum of Advent's Intercessory Presence

Soon, we will open the Advent door, a door that leads to waiting. But a waiting that's immersed in things that make the wait worthwhile. A waiting that is an object lesson for intercession—advocacy + encounter.

So, as we move in rhythm with the unfolding of the sacred year, let's be mindful + intentional, rather, than being thrusted + propelled along the way.

This is an invocation + invitation to deepen our awareness in paga—the 'intercessory' presence of Advent. May we open up to the blessing that will invoke + provoke our child-like trust, imagination, and wonder—personally + collectively.

Bless the Waiting In - An Intercessor's Invocation + Provocation

Wait in the Beloved One, O my soul, wait.

Wait in a hallelujah hope.

Wait in serving.

Wait in being.

Wait in silence.

Wait in speaking.

Wait in your blessing others.

Wait in the blessings of the Beloved to you.

Wait in the darkness of sorrow + lament—personally and collectively.

Wait in light of the promise of hope, Asé.

Wait in light of prophetic peace, Asé.

Wait in light of pleasure-infused joy, Asé.

Wait in light of provisional love, Asé.

Wait in solitude.

Wait in multitudes.

Wait in work and in rest.

Wait in peculiar places

Wait in beautiful places.

Wait in unlikely places.

Wait in Grace and in Truth as they reveal anew the One who waited to become incarnate like you.

Honor + bless the wait in your advocacy. Its intercession—'paga - paw-gah' is heaven's intimate caress upon the earth.


SOULjourner, thank you for lingering with me in this poetic paga sanctum. I'm so glad you decided to pause + bless + breathe. Allow this sabbathing pause to rejuvenate your being + doing as you/we wait until the doors of Advent's advocacy swing wide open.

Asé + Shalom


Respond :: What are you waiting in?


Listen :: With Hope in view

Until next time,

Scribble. Speak. From your soul.


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