Advent Week 3 - Unspeakable Joy, A Set-Before Him

Interestingly, an unborn John leaped for joy! The Holy Spirit astonished Elizabeth through Mary's greeting. "As soon as I heard the sound of your greeting, the child in my womb leaped for joy." - Luke 1:44.

Be attentive this week. Someone may greet you with an unmistakable presence of Christ, so much so that it causes something to leap within you. When this happens share it with that person, just as Elizabeth shared with Mary.

I'm so glad you decided to gaze upon Jesus. Allow this pause to fuel your being and your doing.

Download the Advent devotional. You can listen to the Miseducation of Mom Soul Care Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts. And continue to Bless His Joy. Each Advent weekend, we'll open another Advent door... Our next and last door, Perfect Love. Shalom!

Listen :: With Joy in view

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LEAVE A COMMENT: Where have you recently jumped for joy within your being?

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