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We’ve launched #SoulCareClassrooms with the three foundational courses you need to notice, nurture, and embody soul care in a culture of scarcity, noise, and frenzy.

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Write + Create from a place of freedom

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Ultimately, you are a soul who writes. Writing is work + rest. It's your movement in the world, the unique embodiment of your freedom. You are a writer if you hold yourself accountable for documenting, witnessing, journaling, educating, and opening up others to their freedom, imagination, growth and healing.


Whether you nerd out on ancient word studies or not, there is a benefit to going deeper into the words and the ancient narratives beneath them in your Bible, as you notice how they shape your life and faith today. Word study cards and notepad available exclusively for Patreon patrons.


 The primary mission of our Bible studies is to help faith communities to love deeply and embody an honest, humble, and honorable witness for Jesus (Yeshua) in and outside of faith communities. We search the Scriptures and the ancient cultures integratively and imaginatively. Let's dig in!

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  • 10 Module Lessons

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Soul Care Narrative Intro
Soul Care Narrative Online Course Intro
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Come to me, all who are tired from carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest. Jesus, Matthew 11:28



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We awaken writers with self-care resources to

integrate and embody the art and self-advocacy of soul care.

Distinctive in its strong emphasis to encourage and publish Black writers.


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