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Soul Care Reflection - Never Meant To Be Enough Alone


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There is something uncomfortably liberating when (I, we) face the fact that we don't have it all or know it all. How can we truly engage the meaningfulness of having "it all" in the context of community?

Defining our Terms

Here's what I mean when I say...

Freedom Rhythm: The patterns of rest in the tension moments.

Freedom Invitation: Jesus requests your presence to join Him in love's rest and work.

Belief System: The basis of your reasoning.

Paradigm: The lens/filter through which you see.

Value: The worth you put on something.

Priorities: The focus you give to important and urgent matters.

Community: The other souls (puzzle pieces) in your circle of grace.

Pride: The gatekeeper for all things self-oriented.

Individually, we are not suppose to be enough. Please let this sink into your heart: The first time God ever said that something wasn't good was in Genesis chapter 2, verse 18.

Before you think this was a statement merely about marriage, think again... There's so much more. Consider God's commentary on humanity in Genesis 11, verse 5 and 6. Although it was a statement made in light of our arrogance and pride, it reveals something about our solidarity that we can not duplicate in solitary confinement.


Community will constantly reveal to us that ALONE we are not enough. Community will counsel the soul to turn comparison into collaboration and competition into connection.

"Individually, we're not suppose to be enough."

Community will comfort the soul to focus on the one or two things that you do best and leave what you don't (or do) to the next soul (you need them, they need you, we need each other).

So when all kinds of voices and internal accusations start to guilt on you to be enough and to have it all and to do it all, don't fight it or take flight... fellowship and rest there in the freedom invitation.


This freedom tension is unobstructing you, unburdening you, unleashing you, so that the right things get a chance to catch you in your descent. This will be an ongoing freedom rhythm of realizing and reorienting.

A freedom from pride's asphyxiating grip. Pride doesn't thrive here, yet, the soul does. You're only feeling the withering effect of your pride — the outer part of you is diminishing, but the inner part of you is flourishing. 2 Corinthians 4:16 assures us, "Therefore we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, yet our inner self is being renewed day by day." Breathe this in.

Our souls need moment-by-moment opportunities to evaluate our priorities and what we truly value. These freedom invitations beckon us to flex our community muscles and acknowledge to self and to others that (I, we) are designed to be just one of the many, many pieces of the puzzle of community.

You're not suppose to occupy the space of another puzzle piece, you're to lay beside it. That's grace over grind. That's grace with grit. That's the kind of grace paradigm that hacks into guilt and makes a ruin of it. It is enough to let Love graciously unburden us, as He puts His jigsaw puzzle of humanity back together again.

Grace over Grind

If you easily get tempted by the overwhelming sense of scarcity or sabotage, there's so much grace. Stop and breathe. Let Love assure you that He's for you; He has factored in all things, and He'll make all things work together for your good (even if it doesn't look good).

You have new freedom choices to make. Yes, the opposition will be there, and resistance will try and throw its weight around, but you are accompanied by Love on this journey.

Trust His nature and nurture in your life.

Be Loved. Breathe. Ponder. Pace yourself.

Ponder and respond to this 4-part question about your current rhythms. Be specific as you consider the following driving forces behind them. If it helps you to process better, journal your responses.

1) What's your belief system about sharing your gifts? (are they more about strength, service or status)

2) What's your paradigm about community?

3) Who are the souls (other puzzle pieces) in your community? More than names, this is about who they are in their passions, desires, etc.

4) What are the grace priorities that shape and inform your yeses and no's?

Be Loved. Breathe. Ponder. Pace yourself.


Until next time,

Scribble. Speak. From your soul.


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Genesis 2; Genesis 11

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