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The Sprout Kit - Soul Care and Self-Care For Girls

Pause For The Small Everyday Harvest

Links for pre-ordering and further discovery are provided at the end to reduce distractions.

We are spreading love and beauty to young girls between the ages of 10-17, with our newest soul care and self-care box, The Sprout Kit. Pre-orders are now open!

At the very heart of this kit is my dedication to my six daughters. The passion of my 12-year old daughter, Isaiah (aka Issie) is all over this kit. She's the one pictured on the right side jumping up with her cousin, Leyah.

It's been so rewarding to work on this project as a mom and daughter entrepreneurial partnership. This kit has also inspired Isaiah to begin her very own jewelry studio. She'll debut a special jeweled surprise gift in each kit.

It was Isaiah who gave it the name, The Sprout Kit. She's patiently giving me much needed input about the design and the goodies going into each box. Even the colors reflect her.

She is not only creative, she loves Jesus. And that's why I chose Memorial Day to do the launch of the kit. It was one year ago, last Memorial day at the beach that she was baptized and publicly confessed her trust in and love for Jesus.

Memorial 2017 Isaiah's Baptism Day
Memorial 2017 Isaiah's Baptism Day

The Sprout Kit is especially designed to guide young girls into sacred contemplation and self-nurture (I refer to them as "emerging women"). My belief is that self-nurture is an inner activism and an expression of self-love, which informs all outer activism.

Before I go on with more kit details, I'm honored to share that I have teamed up with my new friend, Katie Elizabeth Kemp. She has written a soul care coloring devotional entitled, [es]sense. And I had the pleasure to design it.

[es]sense is...

a fun



coloring devotional

It takes girls on a journey to know and experience God's great love through the essence of their senses. Through prayer and pondering Katie landed on the title [es]sense to merge the significance of both physical and spiritual realities.

Katie believes, "The world would be brighter if girls took hold of their worth from a young age." Something she wished she would have known how to do. You'll discover her heart and passion for Jesus.

Also, throughout the devotional you'll discover how passionate I am in my graphic designs with colors, patterns, and textures. I believe we're created in the image of our Beloved-Creator God, to be creative. We all uniquely express His creative heart.

Essense Soul Care Coloring Devotional For Girls

I want to share a little bit more about Katie's personal life. She is raising a blind daughter as well as two sons and cherishes the title of “mom.” She's married to Adam, a life coach, and dreams of beating him at basketball one day. Most days you'll find her hostessing the neighborhood, sneaking veggies into her baking, doing yoga, writing or crafting.

Katie Elizabeth Kemp

Katie and I strongly believe that a small group study with the devotional will encourage and help foster sacred solidarity (targeted to ages 11-17). Oftentimes, isolation is the norm for young girls, but together they can grow as #essensegirls and allow deepening soul friendships with God, themselves, and others.

This is also why Katie is starting a Facebook community to connect moms with the mission and passion of the Sprout Kit.

Group Orders are available to encourage you to save and share.

Group Pricing:

5-9 kits - $18.95

10 or more kits - $16.95

When you place your order, you can even donate $5 to help us sponsor kits for others.

Along with the coloring devotional each kit comes with four to five inspirational, lifestyle products that make a redemptive influence in social change — outer activism. It makes for a great gift for the emerging woman in your life. No subscription is required.

Mohawkmomma Holds The Sprout Kit

Contents include:

~ 4x4 Soul Care Coloring Devotional written by Katie Elizabeth Kemp, designed by Mohawkmomma

~ One Retractable Watercolor Pencil

~ This Kid Saves Lives Granola Bar: chocolate or wild berry option (gluten Free, Nut Free*, Non GMO, Fair trade).

~ Especially for 13 years and up, we include a Because bracelet by A21 Campaign, a non-profit, modern-day group of human trafficking abolitionists.

Parental Discretion: for those of you who want to include a Because bracelet in a box for a girl ages 12 and under, there is no extra cost. You can indicate this in the Comment section when you place your order. We want you to be prepared to have this conversation, if you haven't already.

Invest in a Sprout Kit for the emerging women in your life - $25.95. Ships all year-long. Everywhere.

Because Bracelet By A21 Campaign

We will also include some surprises! So don't think we're spilling all of the beans.

It's significant that each Sprout Kit is shipped in a purple box to remind every girl of her spiritual royalty and her freedom in Jesus' enduring and steady love.


In time for summer, we will release the 5x8 [es]sense Coloring Devotional without a required purchase of a Sprout Kit. To stay up to date on the release date, join my Soul Care Community. - Shalom!

Sprout Kit For Tween and Teen Girls Soul Care Self-Care

Until next time,

Scribble. Speak. From your soul.


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Visit the website of Katie Elizabeth Kemp.

Discover more about A21.

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In order to flourish, you must nourish!

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