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Tending to yourself is not just an act; it's a harmonious expression of peace, a gentle melody of soul-care.


Whether you're jotting down your thoughts, capturing sermon notes, saving podcast gems, or nurturing creative ideas, this 8 x 5.75 hardcover journal is your companion in amplifying your peace (shalom) + play vibes.


Turn the page, and you'll discover more than just lines waiting to be filled.


I've added a special touch with a bonus soul care bingo on the back cover. Let it be your guide, prompting you with tending ideas whenever you need inspiration.




Choose from our carefully curated gift sets, each designed to elevate your soul care journey.


Trio Gift Set:


- 8 x 5.75 hardcover journal nestled in a black, velvet drawstring bag for storage


- 5-pk ‘Flourish, friend’ luxe greeting card set with envelopes nestled in a satin peach drawstring pouch

- A magnetic tending notepad

Caress the velvety softness of this hardcover journal. It's a symphony of sensation featuring 150 lined pages of perforated paper. Each page is an invitation to pour out your thoughts + passions + callings.


The luxurious black, velvet drawstring bag swaddles your journal, offering a touch of elegance + protection.


The ‘Tending to My Flourishing’ Collection is more than a set of stationery + gifts; it's a symphony of soul care designed to elevate your peace and self-tending journey.


Slow down. Savor the moments. Tend to yourself.

8x5 Tending to My Flourishing Bingo-Prompt | Lined Hardcover Notebook | Gift Set

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