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Embark on a soulful journey beyond the pages—more than a coloring book, our Color + Journal™ Experience™ invites you to stroll through the garden of self-compassion and self-tending.


Embrace the innocence, curiosity, and wonder of a child as you wander through this beautiful garden of self-expression and soulful discovery.


Unfolding like a blooming flower, each captivating page echoes the beauty found in the Melanated notecard set collection: 


"Tending to me guilt-free."


"Gratitude opens me up to peace."

"Keepin' my vision steady and my plans fluid."

"I don't play with my peace."

"Struttin' in peace."

"Black Girl Peace"


Take a gentle pause, SOULjourner, in this unique experience to nurture the eternal child within as you stroll through this lush garden of soul care.


Meander through the winding paths, recognizing that each page is an opportunity to cultivate your peace + play through the vibrant dance of coloring and journaling.


Bundle + Save!

Immerse yourself fully in the essence of soul care with our carefully curated bundle gift set:


  • A 5-pack of Melanated Mix-Match cards, tenderly enveloped like flowers, nestled within a satin peach drawstring pouch—a gift from the garden itself.


  • A large black velvet drawstring bag, not just a storage solution but a soulful sanctuary for your coloring book—a sacred space amidst the foliage.


  • A faux feather pen, akin to a quill plucked from the garden's edge, guiding your musings with gentle inspiration.


  • A 10-pack of newspaper-recycled colored pencils, a sustainable touch for a harmonious connection with nature's intelligence, like the roots grounding the garden.



Picture this as more than just coloring; it's a soulful ritual, a serene stroll through the garden's pathways. Immerse yourself in the intricate patterns on the 8x10 pages, where each stroke is like planting a seed of self-reflection.


Put on some soothing sounds, savor a sip of your favorite beverage, and let your musings flow onto the pages, unhurriedly. Feel the embrace of soul care as it surrounds you, much like the fragrant breeze weaving through the garden.



Affirm: "I am invited to come to the Beloved as a child. Asé + Amen." Imagine the gentle whisper of the breeze echoing this affirmation, resonating in the cadence of your soul.

Soul Care Coloring Book | Color + Journal™ | Gift Set

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