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Unleash your play! Our Color + Journal™ notecard set is a celebration of creativity + connection. Each set features five eco-friendly notecards paired with luxury envelopes, all nestled in a satin pouch for convenient storage and stunning style.


Explore a curated selection of five 4x6 Color + Journal™ card designs, carefully chosen from a bouquet of six melanated designs with six soul care affirmations:


"Tending to me guilt-free."


"Gratitde opens me up to peace."

"Keepin' my vision steady and my plans fluid."

"I don't play with my peace."

"Struttin' in peace."


Use the notecards for any occasion, or as a prayer card, thank you card, affirmation card, or scribble a love note. One note has the power to align + assure us of our profound connections.


Purchase the card gift set one-time for a delightful collection of 5-pack of 4x6 cards, each accompanied by envelopes.


Join the Monthly Birthday+ Club Subscription for an ongoing flow of inspiration of five 4x6 cards and envelopes with a gold fabric envelope to store all your cards for various occasions every month.


Take time, SOULjourner for peace as you sit + scribble + send your heart on these soft, coloring notecards to yourself, a friend, or a loved one.



You can choose to relax + color the image or send it to a friend to invite them to color + chill.


Put on some soothing sounds, savor a sip of your favorite beverage, and scribble a few thoughtful words (even if it's to yourself). Then, mail it.


Tend to shalom/peace in your relationships by creating memories from this 10-piece postcard set. Slow input + slow output introduces encounter.


.: 4x6

.: Embossed envelopes included




Letter writing is a deep well from which some of our strongest creative energies flow. What’s more, love letter writing compels focused writing + reading; it invites you and the recipient into encounter.


Affirm: "I am invited to give + receive when I scribble a love letter. Asé + Amen."

Melanated Musings Assorted Color + Journal™ Notecard | Stationery Set | Gift Set

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